Young Al Capone is a juvenile detention center that has been around for years which Phineas, Ferb, Candace, etc. we're almost forced in after they've been framed by The Curropted Cluster for robbing Danville bank in Who framed Phineas and Ferb?

Juvenile Delinquents

  • Plinius Fletcher
  • Bref Flynn
  • Frances Fletcher
  • Allebasi Poliash-Craig
  • Fiona Naelrev
  • Laurence Naelrev
  • Teeljab Iar

Well-Known Rules

  • 1. No gum chewing
  • 2. No televison or internet
  • 3. No lollygaging
  • 4. No talking while going to the bathroom
  • 5. No smiling
  • 12. No electrionic devices allowed
  • 28. No giggling
  • 37. You must be required to follow all rules including this one
  • 46. Must eat all food at all times
  • 56. Don't touch the emegrency release button
  • 467. No singing anywhere on the building
  • 1,378.No Fun
  • The Golden Rule: NO JOY AND HAPPINESS!

The great juvenile escape

2 weeks after being convicted of robbing the Danville bank the Curropted Cluster managed to escape ,but were re-arrested after being found by Phineas and Ferb

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