Mutant ambassador, Major Monogram, trains a top secret team of mutant kids to protect humanity from mutant related incidents. Phineas with the power of intense eye lasers becomes the teams leader, the telekinetic Isabella become second in command, Buford with sharp steel claws in his wrists becomes the muscle, Baljeet with animal like agility and intelligence becomes the brains of the team. Together they must protect humanity from self-proclaimed most powerful mutant, the magnetic Heinz Doofenshmirtz and his band of mutant criminals.

Difference from X-Men

In X-Men mutants are hated by humans, but in X-Kids mutant exhistance is classified information, and the public is unaware of mutant exhistance. Also Major Monogram works for the government as a mutant rights ambassador, while Professor Xavier has no connection with the government. The X-Men were formed by Professor Xavier to fight for mutant rights, while the X-Kids were formed under order from the government as a special forces team to keep hostile mutants under control. While Magneto is mostly seeks revenge on humanity for cruelty against mutants, Doofenshmirtz shows more egotism, believing he is the most supreme lifeform human or mutant, he seeks to control both human and mutant-kind.  

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