This is a story I made up in a dream I had after watching Phineas and Fer


Unlike the show there's far more drama than comedy, but thats just dreams for you. Please read it and leave a comment on my talkpage. I would appreciate constructive critisism, thanks.

Worst Summer ever

Isabella walked into the Flynn-Fletchers' yard and saw, as always, Phineas and Ferb working on something. "Hey, Phineas. Whatcha doin'?" Isabella asked in her usual cute way. "Hi Isabella." Phineas replied, "Actually we haven't figured that out yet." he admitted. "Ferb and I just couldn't think of anything, so we decided to make a start anyway to see if any ideas came to us." Isabella looked at the structure that lay before her as the boys continued to build. "Had any ideas so far?" she asked.

"We were thinking something big." Phineas replied. Isabella nodded, 'Big' was usually what they went for.

"Anything I can do to help?" Isabella asked some-what hopefully.

"Sure, just grab a tool and start building!" Phineas said cheerfully.

Soon enough the three of them had finished the nondesricpt masterpeice. "Not bad." phineas said stepping back to admire their work. "Not bad at all."

At that moment Candace stuck her head out of the window and saw the huge project in the middle of the backyard. "What is THAT suposed be?!"

"We don't know Candace. We just made it up as we went along. Do you like it?" Phineas called up to his sister. Candace didn't answer, "You two are sooo busted!" she said to herself as she rang her mum.

"Well," Phineas said to his two companions, "What should we use it for?"

Isabella looked up at the bulking object. "Well, it's pretty big, how about a look out? I bet it has a great view!"

"Great idea Isabella! Why don't you go get a camera while Ferb and I figure out how to get up?" Phineas said staring up at the newly appointed look out. "Sure Phineas!" Isabella said, rushing off to find a camera. While she was gone, Phineas ad Ferb had managed to climb right to the top of the look out. "Wow, Isabella was right! You can see for miles up here!" Phineas remarked.

What they didn't see was the structure falling apart beneath them. The boys didn't relise until it was too late, and they fell to the ground. Along with the rest of the look out.


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