Wormy Worm-Worm


Season 35




Phineas and Ferb are sleeping when a worm comes through the window. It crawls into the bathroom and goes down the toilet. It ends up in Platypus Cave. Major Monogram asks what Agent W is doing. Agent W, who has recently been mutated to talk, says that there is an emergency. Agent W says that Proffessor Clancanny is planning to destroy the entire world. Major Monogram, looking shocked, says that he will assign this mission to every Agent he can notify within 15 minutes. Agent W leaves to go scout out more Agents. Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb are building a giant radio tower to make a radio station. While they are working on it, a giant aglet breaks throught the ground. So Phineas and Ferb make the aglet a radio tower and bring aglet awareness back. So Agent W, Agent P, Agent C, Carl the Intern, Major Monogram and Super Agent B are going to stop Proffessor Clancanny, who has teamed up with Dr. Doofenshmirtz. To be continued...

Ferb's Line


"Too young" Line

Aren't you a little young to have a giant aglet based radio station?

Yes, yes I am

"Watcha Doin"

290px-No Screenshot

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