After Phineas,Ferb,Candace,Isabella,Baljeet,and Buford are framed for robbing the Danvilld Bank they must clear their names by night or they'll spend the rest of the summer in Young Al Capone


  • (We Must) Get a Clue

Running gags

Too young line

Police officer: Aren't you a little bit too young to be robbing a bank?

Phineas: What are you talking about?

Ferb's line

"I don't think we can trust them."



Ferb: I told you not to trust them!

Florence's line

Florence: Hey Patrica, that looks just like you!

Patrica: So does her sister to you.


Police officer: You better not move. I'm gonna take you in, any last words?

Florence: Yeah! I got a lawyer!

Others: YES!

(Juvenile court in Australia)

Judge: All rise!

others: NO!

Patrica: Couldn't have said a lawyer in Australia.

[Florence whispers into lawyer's ear]

Florence's lawyer: Yeah she said that you that if you don't stand up in here we're all gonna wind up in Juvie.

Watcha' doin


Perry's entrance in the lair

Thourgh the sidewalk

Memorable quotes

Sign at Young Al Capone(in nearly everyone's fantasy's):You'll never see hope again!


[Florence whispers into lawyers ear]

Florence's lawyer: What my clients are trying to say is that they didn't mean to rob the bank they were just bored and wanted to know what it feels like to be arrested so they robbed the bank to kick it up.

[kids scold at Florence's lawyer]

Patrica: Okay, you're officially the worst lawyer ever!

End Credits

Pilinus and Fiona talk in their cell and ends with them beginning to discuss their plans of escapeing and...REVENGE!

Background info.

  • TBA




  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The title is a spoof of the movie
  • Al Capone: The juvie is named after him
  • Paris Hilton : Patrica mentions that getting arrested will ruin her career and be like Tirana Parton, a spoof of Paris Hilton. She later appears in Hotel Terror where The Phinettes, Phineas, Ferb, and Candace stay at the Parton hotel.

[more coming soon]



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