One day, Phineas and Ferb were sitting under the tree when the phone rang. Candace was still sleeping, so they answered it. "Hello?" Phineas asked. "Hi, could we come over today? Thanks!" Then they hung up. "Wierd." Phineas said. "The guy just hung up on me!" They paid it no attention until a knocking came from the gate. Ferb opened it and twins stepped the backyard. "Hi, I'm Bill." One said. "And I'm Bob." The other said. "Um, hi." Phineas said. "We're from North Carolina." Bill said. "Did you know that pudding was invented in North Carolina?" "Um, pudding wasn't invented in North Carolina." Phineas replied "You didn't see anything." Bob said. "Except for potatoes. Want one?" He asked. "I don't like potatoes." Phineas said. "You do now!" Bill yelled. He pulled a potato out of his pocket and shoved it in Phineas' mouth. Phineas spit it out. "What was that for?" He asked. "For living!" Bob answered. "Do you like kicking people? I like kicking people." Bill said. "No, I don't kick people." Phineas replied. Bob kicked him in the face.

Phineas collapses, knocked out. "Nice kick." Bill said. "Thanks." Bob replied. "Now let's go get him." He said, pointing at Ferb.

Bill kicks Ferb. He gets knocked out. "Our work here is done." He said. Bill and Bob leave. Just then, Candace walks outside. "What the...?" Bob runs in and kicks her.

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