This song is a parody of the song, "Where Did We Go Wrong?".


Phineas: How could we have been so nice, when I thought we were so bad?

Isabella: Could we have stopped doing those little hidden fights?

Baljeet:Could we have really been this nice?

Phineas: I'm racking my brain for reasons, I think we're misunderstood.

All: I know you've got that list,
and I know you check it twice.
But could you check it again, because it seems to me we were all pretty ba-----ad.

Phineas: I was in the harbor one day,
And it seemed pretty legit
Where one was obeying the flashback 17
And I was hidden the sky

All: I was eating in the shops,
Till I met you beautiful girl
I was seeking my love
When I found it it was shouting
"Where did we go right?"
"Oh, where did we go ri-ei-ight...?"

(Instrumental break)

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