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  • I live in the TARDIS
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is animal crossing
  • I am eating broblerones (like toblerones but more brotiful)


Welcome to the Phineas and Ferb Fanon Wiki, and thank you for your contribution to the User:Agent P rocks2272 page! There's a lot to do around here, so I hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements and fan fictions!

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I'm really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you!

-- FadhilPF (Talk) 21:33, July 16, 2011 —

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Didn't i make my self clear when i said "I quit"?-Jisu

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Why, thank you, and you may. When in doubt, CRY FOR THY MOTHER! (Poptart) 20:31, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

Star theme

Nice StarTheme

Fanon Character Chat

I did not give you permission to Roleplay as my character Anthony on the Fanon Character Chatroom. I will remove the part you added, roleplaying as him. Do not do it again. '"Oh Yeah, guess what.Scuba is back! 21:35, September 23, 2011 (UTC)

100 Story Challenge

1. Introduction

2. Love

3. Light

4. Dark

5. Seeking SolaceEdit

6. Break AwayEdit

7. HeavenEdit

8. InnocenceEdit

9. DriveEdit

10. Breathe AgainEdit

11. MemoryEdit

12. InsanityEdit

13. MisfortuneEdit

14. SmileEdit

15. SilenceEdit

16. QuestioningEdit

17. BloodEdit

18. RainbowEdit

19. GrayEdit

20. FortitudeEdit

21. VacationEdit

22. Mother NatureEdit

23. CatEdit

24. No TimeEdit

25. Trouble LurkingEdit

26. TearsEdit

27. ForeignEdit

28. SorrowEdit

29. HappinessEdit

30. Under the RainEdit

31. FlowersEdit

32. NightEdit

33. ExpectationsEdit

34. StarsEdit

35. Hold My HandEdit

36. Precious TreasureEdit

37. EyesEdit

38. AbandonedEdit

39. DreamsEdit

40. RatedEdit

41. TeamworkEdit

42. Standing StillEdit

43. DyingEdit

44. Two RoadsEdit

45. IllusionEdit

46. FamilyEdit

47. CreationEdit

48. ChildhoodEdit

49. StripesEdit

50. Breaking the RulesEdit

51. SportEdit

52. Deep in ThoughtEdit

53. Keeping a SecretEdit

54. TowerEdit

55. WaitingEdit

56. Danger AheadEdit

57. SacrificeEdit

58. Kick in the HeadEdit

59. No Way OutEdit

60. RejectionEdit

61. Fairy TaleEdit

62. MagicEdit

63. Do Not DisturbEdit

64. MultitaskingEdit

65. HorrorEdit

66. TrapsEdit

67. Playing the MelodyEdit

68. HeroEdit

69. AnnoyanceEdit

70. 67%Edit

71. ObsessionEdit

72. Mischief ManagedEdit

73. I Can'tEdit

74. Are You Challenging Me?Edit

75. MirrorEdit

76. Broken PiecesEdit

77. TestEdit

78. DrinkEdit

79. StarvationEdit

80. WordsEdit

81. Pen and PaperEdit

82. Can You Hear Me?Edit

83. HealEdit

84. Out ColdEdit

85. SpiralEdit

86. Seeing RedEdit

87. FoodEdit

88. PainEdit

89. Through the FireEdit

90. TriangleEdit

91. DrowningEdit

92. All That I HaveEdit

93. Give UpEdit

94. Last HopeEdit

95. Advertisement

96. In The StormEdit

97. Safety First

98. Puzzle

99. Solitude

100. Relaxation

Sorry for all the edit buttons :P

*IzzyFan* So many cupcakes... so little time. 02:50, December 10, 2011 (UTC)

So sorry I haven't answered your message! I see you figured out how to do it anyway...:P Sorry again! XD

I see you like the Warriors books! YAAY a fellow fan! Who's your favorite cat? :D I personally love Dovewing.


First of all, sorry I didn't reply sooner!Second, here are my requests! (:

2 colored art requests: I'd like my OC Iantha the Platypus reacting to either some canon characters or events of a canon episode! Did that make sense? O.o If not, just Iantha doing something.

2 non colored art requests: Too make it easier on you, just do the drawings I requested above but without color! If it's not easier then...I don't know XD

Personalized character: So it's a character based on me? Well read my user page I guess xD You can go ahead and make it and name it whatever you want! I can add stuff to the page to help if you like!

Major appearance of the character in a story: Eirher do that character or Iantha, whatever works best!

Picture of character: pretty self-explanitory!

That's a ton of stuff o.O Thanks SO MUCH! If you need any help on anything give me a message! Lotta Twilight being adorkable by unfiltered n-d4pmrop I really... like her... mane? 23:17, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

No prob! Take your time! Lotta Twilight being adorkable by unfiltered n-d4pmrop I really... like her... mane? 14:19, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

Revenge of the Fanon


Dark Traveler (talk) 01:00, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

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