Gender: Female
Age: 4
Born: 4. June 2005
Friends and Family

Topsie is a little, four years old cat, who becomes an agent at the O.W.C.A. She is Perrys best friend and always happy and friendly. Another (best?) friend of Topsie is Tilly, she is a cat too. Tilly is VERY plumb and very nerved when Topsie tells her storys or when she dosn´t let her sleep. Topsie talks often and can be very LOUD. She is a pretty active cat.

Her Story




Tilly is Topsie´s best friend. When Topsie was a baby and came to her new family, Tilly was always "friendly" and sloshed her when Topsie want to play with her. Sometimes Tilly has her strange phase. This means that Tilly wants to play with Topsie and she cleans Topsie´s fur. When Topsie is in trouble, Tilly eats her food and watches TV. But sometimes, Tilly can be a fantastic friend.


In the beginning, Perry was arguable about Topsie.In his view, she was a happy, bearish cat, who didn´t know anything about her new job. He was very strict with Topsie, but by and by, he had a bad consience. But then, he noted that Topsie was forgiving him, she only wanted to be chummy with him!


Leon is a male cat. He lives in Topsie´s and Tilly´s neighborhod. When Topsie met Leon, she hissed at him and was angry( Cats aren´t very friendly with each other )! But Leon was very calm and disregarded her. By and by, Topsie became aquainted with him. Now, they´re good friends.


Background information

  • Topsie has two brothers and two sisters
  • Topsie grew up on a farm.
  • Her mother is a black cat named Plü

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