hey everyone! being the self declared biggest Ferb fan, I am making a page about Ferb's funniest moments, but I need your help! scour your fave fanon articles as well as real episodes to find funny things Ferb has said or done, and post them on the discussion page. I will rank the funniest ones. here's one for starters

Candace: oh is this banana hat for some tropical scene?

Phineas: no, we're trying to get some interesting angles for the chase scene

(shows a gorilla, hooting and jumping up and down, with a camera on its head, then footage of the gorilla chasing Candace and tackling her)

Phineas: sorry about that, probably not the best idea (Candace looks scratched up) ok here, take this sandwich and remember, ferb hasn't eaten lunch yet.

(shows Ferb looking exactly like the gorilla, jumping and hooting with a camera on his head. the same footage is shown, with Ferb chasing and tackling candace)

later Ferb is shown eating the sandwich LOL!

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