Tilly is Topsie's best friend. She is a nine years old cat, who´s very plumb and lazy. With Topsie and her familiy, she spends the
Fat Cat

Couch Potato Tilly

summer vacation in Danville.

Early life

Tilly was born at the first July 2001. When she was a kitty, nobody wanted to keep her. So she ended up on the street. But when she was a year old, she had five tiny kittys and came into a sanctuary. Some month later, she came to a wonderful family, where she living now.



"She is an always talking, silly cat!" But anyway Tilly and Topsie are good friends. Well, sometimes Tilly shloshed her and hissed at her and now she eats her food, but... sometimes they have fun with each other and tell their stories.


"Yes, I know Topsie. Perry is your friend. So what?!" Tilly has no truck with Perry. One evening they plaid chess,but that´s not important

Background information

  • Tilly had a lover named Kleo
  • She has five kids. They have their own familys.
  • Tilly loves to eat chees and yoghurt

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