There's No Candy in Me
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Air Date

Janurary 14

Written and Directed by


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Nintendo PF

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Phineas and Ferb Go To Uganda

The rap "There Is No Candy In Me" becomes a hit record. Baljeet, Candace, Ferb, Phineas, and Perry make a fourtune out of it! :) Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to infultrate all of the candy stores in the Tri-State Area. Planty is fighting Doofenshmirtz in this episode. Just what happened before, started, but now, Rodney came in with someone special, Vadivelu. When Vadivel asked that he gives up becuase he was building a famous candy store in India but it disappear, and Rodney, wanting to get revenge on Dr. Doofenshmirt for all of what happened in the other episodes, he tells it was Dr. Doofe. Doofenshmirt screams in horror and runs to his room, but an angry Vadivelu comes in with an axe and enters the room. All that was hearded was Doofenshmirtz's body chopping. Vadivelu came out with the rights of doing anohter candy store. Doofenshmirtz, all in pain, bended and moaning, said :"They should have called "Candy 'Jawbreaker' Store", as he grab he ingured jaw too.

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