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This is the 2nd chapter of The Weather Chronicles.

The Windy Day

It was a not-so-breezy sunny day. The humidity was 97 percent! The temperature was 102 degrees! "" asked a sweaty Phineas. A very drenched with sweat Ferb shrugged. Phineas had enough of this heat! "I know what we're gonna...(pant, pant) today!" said Phineas. Then, "Where's Perry?" Perry went down to his lair in the Chimney-vator again. ("I, Brobot") "Good Morning Perry." said Monogram with a fan next to him. "Doofenshmirtz has been spotted at the beach. Make sure nobody is hurt." Perry gave his boss a salute and headed off to the beach. "Hello Phineas. Whatcha' Doing?" asked Baljeet. "Oh, I just sounded like Isabella!" ("Bowl-R-Ama Drama") Phineas told Baljeet, "We're building a giant wind machine to cool things down." replied Phineas. "That's good." said Baljeet. "I am SOOOOOOO hot!" At the beach, Perry trampled through a busy crowd and found Doofenshmirtz. "Oh, hi Perry." said Doofenshmirtz. "You may as well get comfy. I'm just relaxing at the beach today." Perry shrugged and put on sunglasses. The wind machine was just fine. "Ah..." sighed Baljeet as he was cooling off. "This feels WONDERFUL!" "Glad you like it." said Phineas. Then Isabella and Buford came to cool off. "Breezey." said Buford. "Refreshing." said Isabella. "Ah.. this is the life." Doofenshmirtz said to Perry. Perry agreed with Doofenshmirtz. It was pretty nice. (But hot) Suddenly, beach day was ruined when a giant gust of wind carried away Doofenshmirtz' picnic basket. "My basket!" he cried. "Curse you..." muttered Doofenshmirtz. The wind machine was going cuckoo! "It's gonna BLOW!" cried Phineas. "RUN!" BOOOOOOM! The machine exploded. The End

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