The Truth About Bucky is a fan fiction story is based on the Phineas and Ferb Season 1 episode 'It's About Time". During the episode, Phineas sees an exhibit inquires to his dad about their dog, Bucky while they visited the Natural History Museum, who lies to Phineas that Bucky went to live on "Kindly Old Man Simmon's farm". Phineas has a dreams about Bucky and sets out to search for the truth about Bucky. Unfortunately what he ends up finding out may not be so pleasant.


The story follows Phineas as he tries to find out the truth about his dog, Bucky.

The Dreams That Lie

The night after their adventure at the Natural History Museum, Phineas has dreams about Bucky in which he relives the past, including the day's events at the Natural History Museum. He then wakes up and suspects that something was wrong.......that somebody was not telling the real story behind what happened to Bucky. Devistated, Phineas finds determinenation to find out for himself what the true story is about Bucky.

The Truth Hurts

Phineas wakes up the next day and gets ready and goes on a search for information about Bucky. During his adventures, he meets up with Isabella, who has a deep crush on Phineas, who wishes Phineas luck in looking for Bucky. After some searching, first asking his next door neighbor and then going to the veterinarian's office in the city about Bucky, Phineas decides to head home to confront his parents, who give them the bad news about his dog.

Phineas Runs Away

Upset and angry after his parents tell him the truth, Phineas writes a note to his parents and runs away in the middle of the night. The next morning, Ferb discovers that Phineas is missing and finds the note on Phineas' bed and shows the note to his family to their shock and saddness. Quickly, the news spreads Phineas' disappearance, especially Phineas' close friends and neighbors, who could not believe that he would do someting like this.