After The Flameflare Gang conquered all troops, enslaved them, and puts them in Troopslavetion Camps. the Fireside girls challenge them to a water ballon contest to free the other troops or lose their's forever. Meanwhile Pinky and Perry team up to defeat Doofenshimitz after all the other OWCA agents are captured.



Running gags


Memorable quotes


Background info.

  • The episode was aired on Vetran's day
  • This marks the 1st Fireside girls countrparts that are not a troop.
  • Jessebel's last name is Facia-Marco.

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  • This is the what so ever time when the Fireside Girls used anything with water.
  • Allebassi retruns with the 1st appearnce of the Aqualead chicks
  • 2nd time the agents were captured. (Robot Rodeo)
  • The Waterfront Girls re-appear.
  • Jessbel says "I'm Jessebel Facia-Marco and she should be listening to me!" It is a refence to when Doofenshimitz says "I'm Heinz Doofenhsmitz and he should be bowing to me!" (Oh there you are Perry)
  • The Firefly Boys return and to help the Fireside girls deafeat the Flameflare Gang.

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The episode parodys World War II with The Flamflare Gang as the germans

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