The Sweet Life On Deck
An episode scene





Air Date

April 7

Written and Directed by

Joseph Ferri

Previous Episode

The Suite Life Of Phineas and Ferb

Next Episode

Avatar Phineas

Phineas and Ferb live on a cruise ship.


  • "The Sweet Life On Deck Theme Song"
  • "Quirky Worky Song"
  • "When You Live On A Cruise"

Running Gags

The "Too Young" Line

"Aren't you a little young to be on a cruise ship?"

Ferb's Line

  • "In Some Cases this should be stored under condition."
  • Phineas:"You're a condition, Ferb!

Whatcha Doin'?

Monogram to Phineas.

Background Information

  • Isabella is absent in this episode.


  • The Cruise Ship similar look to the boat of romance


  • The Sweet Life On Deck relates to "The Suite Life On Deck" The Sweet Life On Deck theme has the same tune to the "Suite Life On Deck" theme.


  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Perry
  • Monogram
  • Doofenshmirtz
  • Candace
  • Linda
  • People on the Ship
  • Buford
  • Baljeet

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