Roller Skating Alley and a Spice of Love is an upcoming episode coming on Valentine's Day of 2010.

Summary and Main Plot

Phineas and Ferb make a roller skating alley, but Isabella gets hurt so many times she has to go under surgery. Four times.


Phineas and Ferb are sitting under a tree when Phineas says it's Valentine's Day. They still do not know what to do until Jeremy comes to ask Candace to roller skate. Phineas and Ferb build a roller skating alley and when finished, everyone wants to come. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz will perform a big concert when Perry the Platypus arrives. Doof says he was doing a solo concert and whoever listens will be his slaves. Meanwhile, Phineas opens the gateway to the alley, and everyone skates. Even the elderly! Soon, Isabella is in a daze when she trips and falls head-first, slamming into the floor. Phineas is the first to notice. He comes with doctors to see what is wrong. They all notice a scar on her head. The ambulance comes, putting her on a stretcher. Phineas said he needs to say something before they let her go. Phineas hugged her and both started crying. It seemed to make Isabella better. Meanwhile, back at Doof's ; 100,000 people are at the concert! Perry is tied up in knots, and Doof is ready to preform. Perry notices a pair of scissors, but can't move his arms. He notices a river is nearby (he's a semi-aquatic mammal). He goes in and breaks through the knots. Perry comes back with scissors. Meanwhile, Phineas closes the rail because Isabella had the injury. They open up a skiing competition. Isabella enters. Phineas is behind a wall, looking at Isabella. He secretly loves Isabella at that time. He wants to impress her, since Isabella does not know he loves her. The skiing competition goes throughout Danville. First, it goes through snow, then goes into the rocks of Danville as it ends there.


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