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-phineas walking through recess at school at fall-

Phineas: Ah, summer's gone. First day of school. Less but amazing joy. I love it!

-cuts to Isabella at the other side of recess-

Isabella: I wish summer was still here. All the joy and obsessing with Phin-woah!

-a boy named Max pushes Isabella, Isabella falls to Phineas and their lips kiss-

Phineas: Ew! Isabella! Why did you kiss me?

Isabella: I didn't mean to! Max pushed me into you!

Max: No I didn't!

Phineas: Max has never lied to me-so he is right. Just wait 5 years. During those years, think about this moment and what age you were during it.

-Isabella shrugs, starts crying-

Phineas (in mind): Maybe I was a little harsh on her. Maybe she was right, maybe Max lies for the first time.


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