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Hello everyone! My name is MovieReviews98, and welcome to the first annual P&F Hunger Games! I shall be your host for this evening, and for the next few weeks, we shall follow everything that goes on, from the opening Bloodbath to the "Sure to be Outstanding" ending. We'll follow every bit of action to make sure you have a truely memorable experience!


The backstory for The P&F Hunger Games is a truely horrific one.

When the first P&F movie was being made, many of the characters felt that they had to big a fanbase to keep their first film away from the movie theaters. Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh told these characters that it was Disney's choice to keep the movie on the small screen, but the characters didn't buy that. They started an uprising, trying to find as many theaters as possible to play their movie, but they didn't even get out of the drawing board room before the two creators caught them and threw them back into the paper in which they were created.

However, consequences were in order. So, the two creators divided the P&F characters into 12 groups, and each year, starting April 6 (Don't ask ME why, I'm just the announcer!), a male and female in each group between the ages of 5 and 18 will be put into an arena and fight to the death.

Back to the Present

That story gives me the shudders just saying it out loud! However, we shall stop living in the past, as it's time to announce the rules!


  • Each team shall have a guy and a girl entered by how popular they are on the show, and if they run out of characters, Dan and Swampy will make up new characters! (Don't worry, the Mary Sues will be picked off quickly)
  • Before the event, the 24 contestants will be rated from 0-12 based on athletic ability, intelligence, and so on.
  • Only one victor shall be named.

Now, the Interesting Part

Well, what if YOU want a person to win, but the person you're cheering for is a dumb loser who can't even eat one dot in Pac-Man without messing it up? Well, I'm glad you asked. For you see, every day in the arena, a user can send one minor gift, such as bread, decent medicine, etc, to the person they're cheering for. So, everytime another day happens in this competition, you can send another contestant a gift! Just contact MovieReviews98 or put the gift on the talk page here! However, do NOT send idiotic stuff like "Magical healing powder that can revive any contestant from the dead and heal all of his/her wounds", or "Magical killing powder to hurt my least favorite contestants", that SHALL NOT be accepted. Here is a list of items (Not a full list) you can send to your favorite contestant:

  • Bottle of Water
  • Switch Knife
  • Bread
  • An Arrow (Only if Contestant has a Bow)
  • Decent Medicine for Any Wound Except for Major Internal Bleeding
  • And anything else that's reasonable.

If you ask to send anything unreasonable, like a gun or a Season 1 MLP: Friendship is Magic DVD, I shall not give the item to the contestant. If you want to send an item to a contestant but you're not sure if it's reasonable, either ask me here MovieReviews98 or send me a message saying "A (Insert Object Here), and if not, send him/her a (Another Object) or a (Another Object)".

You Got That?

I know what you're thinking: "Gee Mr. MovieReviews98, that sure is a lot of stuff, but when do we learn about the contestants"? Well, silly reader/viewer/hater, I have one more thing: Read the novels and/or watch the movie. You'll follow this much easier afterwords. Now, to the contestants:


......... Wait, you read the novels already? AND THE MOVIE? Well, you're much smarter than I, as it took me a week to read the first book, and 2 1/2 hours to watch the movie! Oh, well, as you may know, there is a "Reaping", where a draw is to be had to discover who shall be in the competition. Well, the show itself doesn't have a great amount of kid characters, so it's obvious who'll get it, but that's besides the point. Here are the teams and contestants, by team (A.K.A 1=Team 1)

  1. Male: Buford Van Stomm. Female: Suzy Johnson.
  2. Male: Irving. Female: Stacy Hirano.
  3. Male: Ferb Fletcher. Female: Jenny.
  4. Male: Jeremy Johnson. Female: Vanessa Doofenshmirtz.
  5. Male: Django Brown. Female: Candace Flynn.
  6. Male: Albert. Female: Mary Sue.
  7. Male: Thor (The brother of Thaddues). Female: Holly
  8. Male: Coltrane. Female: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro.
  9. Male: Baljeet. Female: Adyson Sweetwater.
  10. Male: Phineas Flynn. Female: Gretchen (The Last Fireside Girl, I Swear).
  11. Male: Thaddeus. Female: Lotsav Filla (Weird name, eh?)
  12. Male: Rip Off. Female: Obsessive FanGirl.

You don't like those choices? Oh wait, nevermind, your opinion is invalid.

Well, those are some interesting choices right there. I wonder who'll win? Well, that shall be discovered soon enough. But for now, we shall discuss the RATING SYSTEM...... OOOOOH. "But gee, Mr. Movie person sir, I don't know nothing about ratings, can you explain it to me"? Well, sure I can, you silly goose. Like I said, every contestant shall show off one of their skills, and the few judges shall rank you from 0-12. What's the point of this? To make the good contestants open targets, of course. So, let's see what everyone got, shall we?

The Ratings

In order of team.

Buford: 7.

Suzy: 8.

Irving: 5.

Stacy: 9.

Ferb: 11.

Jenny: 4.

Jeremy: 10.

Vanessa: 11.

Django: 6.

Candace: 8.

Albert: 3.

Mary: 2. (She's pretty OVERRATED. Get it?.... Anyone?)

Thor: 8.

Holly: 9.

Coltrane: 8.

Isabella: 10.

Baljeet: 5.

Adyson: 8.

Phineas: 11.

Gretchen: 9.

Thaddeus: 8.

Lotsav: 4.

Rip: 7.

Obsessive: 2.

Don't Judge the Judges.

Wow, those scores were great! Of course, with a few exceptions, but I still feel this years games will be the best yet! (Dumb Joke-a-Meter: 1) Wait, what was that?....... Probably nothing, but anyways, with such great scores, it'll be a bloodbath starting up! (Dumb Joke-a-Meter: 2).......... Just ignore it, Movies, just ignore the brackets. Anyways, we got pretty much everything done before the games, and just before I leave for a few hours to handle some business, I-(Dumb Joke-a-Meter: 3) NOW WHY THE HECK IS THAT A JO- *Breathes* Anyways, before we end this for a few hours, let me just say that if you want to send a gift, you can send only one gift to only one contestant every event day. Don't send gifts yet though, the person you send it too might not make it out of the first day! So, check back in a few hours, and more info, if not the first day of the competition itself will be released. So, see you in a few. - MovieReviews98

Day 1

The scenery is a forrest, as expected, and it's pretty sunny, probably the brighten up the faces of the contestants. Gifts lie inside a gold structure, where only the bravest shall attempt to reach the best gifts of all. There was plenty of gifts outside the structure too, for the less brave, so they don't lose all hope in getting something.

Finally, after about a minute of waiting, a horn goes off. Several contestants run for the best gifts in the structure, but most try to get the lesser gifts without having a good chance at death inside the structure.

Phineas gets a bow and arrow, Candace gets a spear, Ferb gets two knives, and Irving gets a shield and they all rocket out of the field.

Inside the structure, Buford grabs a bow and arrow and shoots the nearest person, who happens to be Django, as he was picking up a backpack just outside the entrance. Buford quickly runs off after that attack, and Vanessa and Thaddeus both run in. Vanessa grabs a knife and Thaddeus grabs a rope, as Thaddeus gets Vanessa on the ground as he tries to strangle her, but Vanessa stabs Thaddeus twice with the knife and runs of as well.

By this point, more and more people run out of the field and several attempt to try going in the structure, all with success except Jenny, who had her throat slit by Suzy.

Man, so little people died! Well, we'll have to put a stop to that! Maybe we should have an earthquake...

Many of the contestants are either looking for shelter or already have it, but they're shocked to feel the ground suddenly shaking. Several contestants run away from falling debris, like rocks and trees, but several aren't so lucky.

The first one to go down was Adyson, who was looking for shelter, and started running when the earthquake began. Unfortunatly, a tree had landed on top of her, crushing her body until she suffocated.

The next one to go down was Rip, who, while looking for sturdy shelter, was crushed by boulders falling from a steep cliff. The first boulder landed on his head and crushed his skull, so his death was quick and painless.

Finally, Jeremy had remained in a cave for the duration of the earthquake, however, what he didn't know was there was a bear hiding in the cave as well. He was dead within 15 minutes.

That's better, isn't it? Maybe, just maybe though, we can end this day off with a bang. Something so huge that people will be FORCED to check it tomorrow... Oh, I got an idea.

Coltrane is walking in the woods with a bow and arrow and a backpack, when all of a sudden he felt a quick jolt of heat. He looked around for a few seconds, worried, but then continued walking. Several seconds later, he hears thunder, and worried it might rain, begins running, however, a jolt of lightning explodes the area only a few feat ahead of him. He drops his bow and arrow and runs the opposite way as fast as he can. He doesn't make it far as another jolt of lightning strikes both him and the tree next to him, which causes the tree to burst into flames. The rain then quickly stops, as does the thunder and lightning. 

Well, if the lightning bolt didn't kill him, the fire sure will! Haha! Well, let's check in on our contestants that are still alive to see how they're doing.

  • Phineas, Ferb, Gretchen, and Isabella are in an alliance, and are currently hiding near a lake.
  • Buford and Suzy are also in an alliance, they are in a cave.
  • Irving and Obsessive are in an alliance and are looking for cooperative people to join with.
  • Lotsav is also near the lake, but further away than Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and Gretchen.
  • Albert is in an alliance with Stacy, as Stacy want's brains in her group and Albert wants... Well, Stacy. (Get the fanon reference?) They are still looking for shelter.
  • Baljeet is in a log... weird hiding spot, but OK.
  • Holly is in a tree, with the most items of all of the contestants, thanks to her backpack containing medicine, food, water, and a small knife.
  • Candace is looking for Stacy, but stopped for a while after hearing the announcement of Jeremy's death. She continued crying until she fell asleep.
  • Mary is hunting worms and dead mice. She's doing pretty well.
  • Thor is also in a tree, though he was not as successful as Holly with items.

That was a LONG commercial!

Well, this is the beginning of Day 2, and before we get to how our characters are doing, let me just say something: Thank you for checking this out, the creator worked really hard on it, and the fact it's doing well really shocked me. So, thank you. Well, enough of that sappy idiot stuff, it's time for some UPDATES!

Beginning of Day 2 Updates

  • Stacy and Albert have finally found shelter, and shortly after, they had received their Switch Blade. They have little food, but Albert's looking for edible plants and tree bark.
  • Phineas, Isabella, Ferb, and Gretchen have received a first aid kit, a loaf of bread, and water. The only thing they lack is heat.
  • Buford and Suzy are lacking food, but are planning to hunt for animals to eat, and humans to steal their items. They also don't have heat.
  • Irving and Obsessive are still looking for someone to be in an alliance with.
  • Lotsav has noticed the alliance of Phineas and the rest. She is planning to attack them with her knife.
  • Thor is lacking pretty much everything, and is still in the tree.
  • Mary has hunted 3 worms and a dead mouse, but for SOME reason, she needs to drink something.
  • Baljeet is running through the forrest like an idiot because he started to get claustrophobic in the log.
  • Candace is still grieving over Jeremy, and is getting more and more vunerable every second.
  • Holly is doing extremely well, and in a good spot, as she can hunt while in the tree.
  • Vanessa is looking for shelter.

Well, isn't that Great?

Everyone is doing just swell, the beginning of Day 2, and nothing interesting is going on, except some weeping, what fun is that? Oh, wait a second, it seems Baljeet is in an easy killing area! I wonder if he'll make it out.

Friendship Disaster

Baljeet is running as fast as possible through the forrest, hoping to find shelter quickly, and as he runs through an open field, he notices something up in a tree. He quickly hides in a bush, waiting for it to move, but it doesn't. So, Baljeet decides to climb the tree, because if he actually gets up there, it could make a good place to stay, and he might be able to get an extra kill! So, he climbs as fast as possible, which takes him about two minutes, and finally, when he get's to the branch with the weird object, he discovers it's Holly!

He contemplates what to do, when his instincts take over. He grabs her backpack, her bow and arrow, and her knife, and when Holly does wake up, she is falling out of the tree head first, with an arrow close behind.

Death is the Entertainment of the Future

Ouch! She's dead. I love to see the wimpy kid turn into a psycho. Now, let's see, how many more people do we got left.... 16? Yup, 16. Well, I think we should wait until the end of the day to challenge someone's skill, but for now, let's check in on Candace. She's been having difficulty since Jeremy died, but that also means anybody that hear's here will get an easy kill, and isn't that what we all want? Let's see, she has a spear, and that's about it. Let's see how she's dealing with it.

Judges Don't Have Feelings, We Kill For Fun!

Candace woke up several minutes ago, and she hasn't go up from the ground yet. Her face was still wet from the fast running tears, and her sobbing sounds were VERY loud.

Suddenly, she heard a voice. She quickly crawled into the bushes until she heard the voice again.

"Candace?", asked another contestant.

Candace must have knew it was Stacy as she ran out in Stacy's arms, Stacy hugging her, Candace with tears still streaming down her face.

"Jeremy's Gone" Candace said, her voice muffled by Stacy chest, which she buried her face into it.

"I know", said Stacy.

Judges Gonna Judge

Ok, this is great and all, but weeping and romance is not what we want! We want entertainment! So, to cut it short, Candace met up with Stacy and Albert, and I guess they're going back to Stacy's shelter, Whoop-De-Doo. What's going on now that's interesting? Oh, it seems that Lotsav (Such a weird name, is she Russian or something?) is going to attack Phin and friends. What will happen? Let's see...

Rambo Gone Wrong

Lotsav is hiding in the bushes, waiting for the group to be distracted so she can attack them. She sits there for about 5 minutes until suddenly, from the trees opposite of her, both she and the group hear a noise, as they prepare for the possible attack.

Suddenly, out pop Irving and Obsessive! Phin and friends (That's their official nickname now, OK?) lower their defences to greet the 2, when Lotsav realizes it's now or never.

Lotsav jumps out of the bushes, and Irving warns the rest; "Look Out!". She jabbed her knife 3 times in Phineas, twice in the shoulder and once in the chest, and as Phineas falls, she goes to Isabella, but Ferb jabs her with both of his knives, with her collapsing too.

Both were dead before they hit the ground.

Too Quick to Judge

That's what I'm talking about! 2 deaths by nightfall! The alliance will be severly affected now, and with Lotsav's death, Team 11 is the first team to go completely extinct. Now, to see how everyone reacts to the deaths, let's see the updates.

End of Day 2 Updates

  • Candace, after discovering Phineas's death from the image of his face at the top of the arena, she cries even MORE, and Stacy and Albert attempt to calm her, but to no avail, at least not today. (Man, Candace is getting a rough time, don'tcha think?)
  • Isabella, Irving, Obsessive, and Gretchen couldn't even stand to look at the corpses without crying even more, so Ferb hugged his brother for 2 minutes before the body retriever transported the two bodies back to the game makers, A.K.A Me, and the two TV show creators. They have received 2 sleeping bags as well. (Wait, 2 Sleeping Bags for 5 people? That's gonna be awkward)
  • Buford and Suzy do not prevail in catching food, and are currently starving, as well as VERY thirsty.
  • Thor is still in the tree. Same condition as Buford and Suzy.
  • Mary is close to dead. Guess those worms aren't doing her good, eh?
  • Baljeet is in a tree as well, but with all of Holly's previous items.
  • Vanessa is near the open field, with a decent shelter and weapons.

Day 3

Once again, hello everybody! It's day 3 of The P&F Hunger Games, and emotions in the arena are intense right now. Friends are dying, alliances breaking apart, even the TV shows most popular character died yesterday from three puncture wounds, which had one reach his heart. Now, you're probably thinking; "Oh my goshness, mister MovieRechews98, How can this day be any better than yesterday"? Well you silly over-thinker, yesterday had awesome-ness and cool deaths. TODAY, we'll watch some of the contestants freeze and starve to death. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Beginning of Day 3 Updates

  • Stacy, Albert, and Candace are preserving body heat, Candace isn't all that well in confidence after two people close to her were killed, but Stacy and Albert are doing everything to cheer her up. Stacy caught a squirrel using the switchblade a viewer got her, so they aren't starving either.
  • Isabella, Irving, and Ferb are resting, as, like Candace, they aren't all that strong emotionally. Obsessive and Gretchen, although they are sad too, get some of the work done, as they're still in shock from Phineas's sudden death, and haven't felt the full amplitude of emotions yet, mostly because they haven't talked to Phineas too much. They are doing well with food, water, and, thanks to two of our viewers sending in Sleeping Bags, warmth.
  • Buford and Suzy hunted 3 squirels as well, but are losing body heat fast.
  • Thor's tree branch had broke, and though he's injured, he's still looking for a place to hide.
  • Mary is suffering horribly from hypothermia, dehydration, and starvation.
  • Baljeet is still in the tree, and the only thing he lacks is warmth, as he has lots of hunting equipment and food.
  • Vanessa improved her shelter near the open field, and is attempting to make a bow, but not doing all that well.

This is Slightly More Depressing Than I Expected

Hypothermia? Starvation? This isn't entertainment, this is an episode of Man VS. Wild! I can't work with this! We need murders, blood, anything other than this sad survival camp. Oh, I got an idea, something to make this day less annoying.

Finish Her!

Vanessa was carving a bow-like object with her dull knife. She trying sharpening it a few times with a rock, but that didn't help all that much. She was just about to give up too, but then she checked the field.

"What is that?" She seemed to think for a few seconds. It was basically 20 wooden poles in a circle, and there was something in the middle too, but she couldn't make it out.

She started running towards it, but when she got halfway to the poles, she stopped and got on the ground. She looked around for a few seconds, making sure there were no mines. So, she ran to the poles and walked through 2 of them.

The poles seemed to surround a weird bag, holding something that seemed to be really heavy. She walked towards the bag and tried to pick it up, but it wouldn't budge. So, she decided to lift even harder. She lifted as hard as possible until she finally got the bag off the ground.

Underneath the bag was a mine. She died as soon as she lifted the bag.

Cold Blooded

Another one down! Also, Team 4 is the second team to be eliminated, after Team 11. It was kinda a shock though, you'd think Vanessa would be smart enough to check for a mine under the bag, but oh we- Wait, what? Oh, well, I've just gotten word that one of the contestants had just passed away from... Dehydration, and Hypothermia was also a major factor. And her name was.... What again?..... Mary? Oh. OK, well nobody cares about her anyway, so while the body retriever takes her away, let's check who's left:

  • Team 1: Buford, Suzy.
  • Team 2: Irving, Stacy.
  • Team 3: Ferb.
  • Team 4: N/A.
  • Team 5: Candace.
  • Team 6: Albert.
  • Team 7: Thor.
  • Team 8: Isabella.
  • Team 9: Baljeet.
  • Team 10: Gretchen.
  • Team 11: N/A.
  • Team 12: Obsessive.

Well, according to the charts, Team 1 and Team 2 are the only teams with two people left, and that's "Horrible" because teams often lead to alliance. Speaking of alliances, let's see 'em!:

  • Ferb, Isabella, Gretchen, Irving, and Obsessive.
  • Stacy, Albert, and Candace.
  • Buford and Suzy.
  • Thor.
  • Baljeet.

Do you know what I love with alliances? When there are only a few people left and they're all in one alliance, so they have to fight it out like savage dogs until one is victorious. However, we don't have time for my ramblings. It's starting to get late in the arena, and the only two alliances that are doing well in survival are Ferb's team (Thanks to some generous fans) and Baljeet. Well, Stacy's team is doing OK as well, and are the only team besides Ferb's that received a gift, but they're lacking in food.

If This Story Didn't Have ENOUGH Controversy!

"Ferb's" group was sitting outside, with Obsessive taking up one of the two sleeping bags, as she was the only one asleep at that point. The rest of the group were talking about what they would do if they won, the memories of Phineas, what they think the other contestants were doing, etc.

After a while. Gretchen said she was off to sleep, and as she got up to walk towards the sleeping bag, Thor popped out from the trees and, before she could react, he held her knife-point. By the time the group could even get the weapons out of their pockets, Gretchen's throat was 1/4 of the way slit. Isabella acted by quickly grabbing one of Ferbs knives off the ground and launching it at him. The knife got Thor in the eye, killing him instantly. The group, even Obsessive, who woke up during the incident, ran over to Gretchen, who was bleeding badly.

Irving ran over and handed Isabella the first aid kit. She did everything she could to stop the bleeding, by pinching the cut nerve, and pressing the gauze against the area cut open.

Nobody in the group even noticed the body of Thor's being taken away by the Body Retriever.

After about 20 minutes of attempted healing by Isabella, Ferb, and at one point, Irving, which kept her alive, but kept her in a weak state.

"Was That a Suicide By Thor?" "I Don't Care, But It Looked Cool"

.......... Well, at least Day 3 ended off with a bang. One dead, and one injured. Not Bad. Well, because it's getting late in the arena, let's check out our updates, shall we? P.S All who sent gifts yesterday can now send them again.

End of Day 3 Updates

  • "Ferb's" group is doing everything to help Gretchen stay alive, but running out of supplies from their first aid kit a viewer sent them. Ferb didn't look at the arena screen to see who died...... Also, their sleeping bag count rose from 2 per 5 people to 3 per 5 people. Little less awkward, thanks to the viewers!
  • Stacy, Albert and Candace, are doing OK, and Stacy managed to get 3 fish with her switchblade, but they are not battling the cold well.
  • Buford and Suzy are forced to huddle up to conserve body heat, and they have a good amount of food.
  • Baljeet is doing well, but is still suffering from the cold.

Yay, Day 4! I Hope Something Bad Happens Today!!!!1 :)

Welcome to the 4th day of THE P&F HUNGER GAMES. Today is gonna be probably a more tame day, because I think the only real violent group now is Buford and Suzy, but we'll get to them later. First, we have to bring up a matter very important to us, and possibly to everyone. It's the AAF, the "Abandoned Article Foundation". Every day, a total of 0.3 articles are abandoned by their hateful and evil owners. As soon as this happens, the AAF takes these sad articles under their wing. However, they cannot keep all of these articles themselves. That's why you should adopt an article, give it a new look, rewrite it, add better pictures, try to make this article even better than before. So please, adopt now, because if you don't, someone worse than you will: Abandoned Pages.

Fo' Ser-e-us Naow

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's check out how our favorite (And least favorite) contestants are doing.

Beginning of Day 4 Updates

  • In Ferb's group, Gretchen is doing better, as the team was sent another med kit so they didn't run out of items, and thanks to the intelligence of many of the members, she doesn't have infection or blood poisoning either. However, she still will not be able to help out her group in the physical side of things. Also, it's extremely difficult for her to talk. Also, Isabella was sent an arrow for Phineas's bow, so they don't just have a few used knives and a shield anymore.
  • Stacy, Candace, and Albert are suffering worse from the cold, but Candace is feeling better emotionally thanks to a supposed "Dream" that she had told the rest of the group.
  • Buford and Suzy are suffering the worst from the cold, but Buford is attempting to find a contestant with weapons or a method of heat for him to steal.
  • Baljeet is doing even better now, and only second behind Ferb's team in "Comfort/Health", as he had received his first gift before he fell to sleep, which was, ironically, the thing he needed most, both for heat and sleep: A Sleeping Bag. His biggest issue now though is camoflauge.

At Least Not as Many People Are Dying From "The Cold" Now

Well, nobody is really on the brink of dying anymore, even Gretchen is doing OK, I guess, so unless someone is gonna attack someone else, I don't think anything interesting is gonna happen today. And Buford is pretty far from the other contestants, so I doubt anything will really go on today. Now that just won't do, will it? Let's see, what can we do..... Wait, Wait, I GOT THE PERFECT IDEA! But it's basically the whole "Good News, Bad News" thing......

Bad News

The rest of Day 4 will be posted tomorrow. I know, "But Mr. MovieReblows, we've been expecting Day 4 ALL day! Don't ruin this for us!" Well, mysterious reader, there's good news too...

Good News

Now, this can only work if several people take part, so all you readers, I don't care if you like this story or are annoyed by it, do this, and I'll be happy, OK. So, what we'll do is... Any user, any user at all, for one day, which is basically from April 11, 2012, to early April 12, 2012 before the rest of Day 4 is written, you can SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR FAVORITE CONTESTANT/ALLIANCE. Just leave the message on the talk page up there (Points to the obvious spot where the talk page is) or message me here: MovieReviews98 with your message, who the message is for, etc. You can tell people to backstab a friend, that they're doing good, who to join up with, etc. Also, with the message, you can send a gift, no matter if you sent a gift yesterday, today, or what, if you send a message, you can send a gift as well. Also, if you feel like it, sign your name for the contestants to see, and they might even mention you in their dialogue sequences!

Contestant Info

  • Ferb: Quiet, Useful with Any Equipment, in "Ferb's Alliance".
  • Isabella: Talkative, Useful with Any Equipment, in "Ferb's Alliance".
  • Irving: Talkative, Useful with Most Equipment, in "Ferb's Alliance".
  • Obsessive: Talkative, Useful with Some Equipment, in "Ferb's Alliance".
  • Gretchen: Injured Badly, in "Ferb's Alliance".
  • Stacy: Talkative, Useful with Some Equipment, in "Stacy's Group".
  • Albert: Talkative, Useful with Most Equipment, in "Stacy's Group".
  • Candace: Talkative, Useful with Some Equipment, in "Stacy's Group".
  • Suzy: Talkative, Useful with Some Equipment, in "Suzy's Clan".
  • Buford: Slightly Talkative, Not Useful with Equipments, in "Suzy's Clan".
  • Baljeet: Talkative, Useful with Any Equipment, in "Baljeet's Math Club".

Slightly More Info

Messages can be private or public (To a select # of contestants), depending on nature or info given by message writer. ANYBODY can send one, sign your name at the end of the message if you want the contestants to know who you are. Finally, you can give any info you want, as long as it's appropriate for the topic. Any more info? Ask on the talk page or here: MovieReviews98. Oh, and if I'm done writing the Day 4 tomorrow, and you sent a message WHILE I was writing it, your message will be sent on Day 5.

4 Messages, 11 Contestants, and a FanBoy Judge...

Welcome back to Day 4 of The P&F Hunger Games! Well, it seems that this uninteresting day is starting to get interesting. It's 6:00 PM in the arena, and we're just about to announce the suprise to the contestants! So, we shall see how they react:


The arena was silent and errie, like nobody really had anything to say, they were fighting to fix or improve their shelters before the unpredictable darkness falls. But suddenly, their setting up was stopped to a halt when the announcement began:

Testing, Testing... Hello? Today, we shall do something to aid the lesser. We asked our viewers to send one contestant a message. In a half hour, the select contestants shall receive these messages, telling you either helpful advice, tremendous compliments, or both. So get your shelters ready quickly and do whatever you need to do, as these messages may have important info you will NEED to know. Have a great night.

Chapter... I Don't Know, 400?

Well, the people will obviously be working harder than ever after that message. They'll be to busy reading the letter and following the possible instructions of said letter to be fixing their shelters! Now, before we send out the messages, we'd like to have a word from our sponsers...

Our Sponsers

We're not good enouh.

Commercials Are Annoying Anyways

Well, everyone is ready, so I think it's time to send the messages to the contestants. How will we do that? Puffins..... Well, we would have had Passenger Pigeons, but Dan told me they're extinct. Oh well. Let's see, which message shall we send first?... I think we'll do the 2 messages for Ferb's Alliance first, and then do the other two messages for Stacy's Group after. Finally, we shall send Buford his message. So, let's begin!

BTW, Violence Lovers Out There Look Away, This is Not For You...

Ferb was kneeling near one of the sleeping bags while the rest of the group waited in the middle of their small plain, with eagerness in their eyes, hoping the viewers would have sent them a gift. Gretchen was in another sleeping bag, but she dragged herself closer to the middle, as she is eager as well, just not risking stretching her neck.

After a while, the group decided to sit down to rest their legs, and a few seconds after they had sat down, they noticed a weird image floating down from the sky. As they continued looking, the image split in two, and Isabella understood the images right away.

"Birds!" She screamed. Ferb reached for the bow and arrow, thinking the birds would be good for hunting, but then they all realized something, that these birds had the messages taped to their legs.

They waited until the birds hit the ground, and then took the messages, which was folded in such a way that you can see a flat edge with a contestant name, and they would open it to see the message.

"Who're they for?" Irving asked.

"Umm... One of 'em is for me... and... Gretchen!" She squealed. She handed Gretchen her message and Isabella said she wanted to read her message in private.

"Me too" Gretchen said. So, the group let Isabella and Gretchen crawl into different sleeping bags to read their message in private.

Isabella's read: "To: Izz, You're doing great out there, but you got to keep your head up. Buford is looking for vunerable contestants at all times, so be ready at all times. Never Give Up! From: A Fan :)"

Isabella smiled at the kind message, and right under the note, taped to it, there was a small bag. She opened it up, and inside was a small loaf of bread! She smiled even more.

She crawled out of her sleeping bag and yelled to Ferb: "We got bread, and Buford is still out there."

Ferb nodded, as if he thought that was the only contents of the note.

Gretchen opened up her's as well, and it read: To: Gretch, Keep your head up! You're doing great, so don't give up. Be sure to defend yourself, and get better as well, but don't do anything to risky. Good luck! From: LPS"

Gretchen felt a little more confident that she got advice from someone outside the arena.

Suddenly, she heard Obsessive ask "Did you get anything interesting in your letter, Gretch?"

"Not much, just some advice, I was told not to try anything risky" She said, lower than usual, trying to follow the instructions.

"Good, these people probably know more about this stuff than us" Irving said.

Gretchen smiled as she looked both directions out her sleeping bag and fell asleep, as it was starting to get dark.

Immediately After In A Forrest Not Too Far Away...

Candace, Stacy, and Albert were in their small cave, freezing cold, eating a bit of food they could hunt, and, after about 40 minutes of hoping, 2 puffins flew into the cave and sat in the middle.

"Food! Finally, get the knife!" Albert said gleefully.

"Wait a sec...", Stacy said, taking off the notes from the puffins leg's, and they flew away as soon as the weight was lifted.

"The messages! One of me, one for Candace" Stacy explained. Albert was less excited following the announcement.

"Hey, Stacy read yours aloud." Candace said.

"Uh, OK" Stacy hesitated, but she started reading anyways.

"Dear Stacy: You are the most amazing and cute person ever. From: A Hopeful Viewer"

"Shut up, someone sent that?" Candace asked, suprised.

"I guess." Stacy said, followed by brief blushing.

"Who sent it?" Candace asked, expecting it to be someone they knew.

"Probably the host, I bet he has a crush on you" Albert said quickly.

"Nah, I'm to good for him!" Stacy said, which was followed by laughter. "Besides, it's a viewer, remember?"

"Whoever it is, he must be a BIG fan" Candace exclaimed.

"Yeah... Hey Candace, open up yours!" She said, trying to take the attention off herself.

"Well, OK." She said, already having hers pre-opened, and the first thing she noticed was a bag. She opened it up, and it was a pair of nunchucks! "For Albert, From: A Hopeful Viewer".

"They should've been on my letter" Stacy said, remembering the pen name.

Candace handed the pair of nunchucks to Albert, who started to fool around with it.

Candace looked at the note, and suddenly, her grin turned to a straight face. Stacy and Albert stared at her, expecting a reaction.

"What does it say?" Stacy asked slowly.

"It's directions... To Ferb, and Isabella, and a few others." Candace said, shocked.

"Good, easy kill!" Albert said, once again gleefully.

"No, it means I finally get to meet up with my brother!" She said, so happily you'd swear this was Barney the Dinosaur that you were watching right now.

"That's awesome! But, we should wait until tomorrow, they're kinda far away, and it's getting late" Stacy said.

"OK, but first thing in the morning, we're following these directions." Candace said excitedly.

They all nodded, and then, because they were tired and we're ready for tomorrow, they went to sleep.

The Final Message

Buford was doing his normal thing, hunting for animals and people, while Suzy got a fire started back at their shelter. He wasn't doing all that well, but suddenly, a HUGE FALCON WITH SOMETHING IN HIS BEAK STARTED CHASING HIM, AND AS SOON AS IT CAUGHT UP TO HIM, BUFORD DOVE UNDER A TREE, but the bird didn't even TRY to catch him.

"Well that was pointless" Buford said, and just before he continued on his trek, he noticed a piece of paper on the ground, along with a small bag. He opened the bag, and inside was an apple.

"OK" Buford said to himself as he ate the apple in a few bites. Then, he opened up the paper, wondering what would be inside it:

"Dear Buford, Show No Mercy. P.S I wanted to send you a crate of stuff, but the evil creators stripped it down to an apple. From: A Dude"

"Nice to know" Buford said, as he continued searching for prey.

Updates? Not After That!

Well, nobody's doing anything interesting now, so we'll skip the updates for tonight.

To Much Fun. Let's Get Back to Business!

Welcome back to The P&F Hunger Games! Now, I know what you're thinking.... Again: "But Mr. MovieRespews, Today is gonna be lame! You just allowed people to send messages for a day! What could be better?" Well, you odd little human, if today gets to boring, we'll just set up traps at see if the contestants are smart enough to avoid them! Doesn't that sound like f- WHO ASKED YOU?

Beginning of Day 5 Updates

  • Stacy's Group is waking up and discussing what they shall do when they meet up with Ferb's Alliance.
  • Ferb's Alliance is doing their regular thing, hunting for extra food, making sure Gretchen is still doing OK, doing the "Look Out" for possible threats, etc.
  • Buford is STILL looking for people to kill, but is now currently lost. Suzy doesn't mind, as Buford would have slowed her down with all the other work.
  • Baljeet, again, is still doing well, but moved from one tree to another, as this tree he now lives in is bigger and has a blueberry patch next to it.

Well, it seems most everyone is doing pretty well, so let's go to our first story of today, which seems to involve Stacy's Group trying to merge with Ferb's Alliance. Let's see how it goes.

Lack of Communication

"So we're gonna hide in the bushes, and Candace, you'll scream out to Ferb so he knows it's you and they'll put their defenses down and we can join their group and help them out, you got that Candace?" Stacy said quickly and sternly.

"Got it" Candace said. "Let's go".

So, they left their cave, and thanks to Albert's knowing of a trick using moss on trees to figure out their direction, they walked for about 10 minutes, hoping they were going in the right direction.

Finally, they noticed a small empty space in between near-by trees. As soon as they saw a figure move, they got down behind 2 bushes.

"OK, Candace, Now!" Candace said quietly.

"Ferb, it's Candace!" Candace said, peaking her head out of the bushes. At first, she noticed an archer, she couldn't make out who it was though. Then, another person came into view. It was Ferb!

"Ferb!" Candace said, running out of the bushes, as Stacy and Albert stayed put, just in case.

Ferb looked at Candace running towards him and before he could widen his arms, she lifted him off his feet, hugging him so hard it could've led to another death, but luckily she let go.

"Glad to see you, Candace!" Isabella said, coming out of a sleeping bag, as it was still kinda early.

Stacy and Albert came in around that time, and Albert had noticed Irving, who they shared a decent hug, but let go when others started looking.

The two groups talked for a while, sometimes shared a friendly hug, talked about "Better" things that happened throughout the games, etc.

The two groups are now officially one: "Ferb's Alliance".

N'Awwww, That's so Nice and Sweet and Fr- PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE DIED

Well, now it seems we only have 3 teams in this game now, or four, if Buford can't find his way back to Suzy. So, while we're waiting for something interesting to happen again, we shall go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Did you adopt an article yet? You better have, and don't come back here until you do, you crazy monster, you: Abandoned Pages.

Are You Sure You Adopted An Article? Double Check...

Well, something interesting just happened, as it seems Buford has spotted "Ferb's Alliance"! He's stalking them out now with his bow and arrow. I wonder who he's gonna try and shoot...

"Doesn't This Sound Like Phineas's Death?" "I Don't Know What You're Talking About"

Buford pulled back on his bow string, hoping to kill someone quick, and get away quick. Finally, after quick consideration, he decided to kill Ferb, the leader of the group. He was just about to let go, but Ferb himself noticed Buford's face just in time.

"Get Down!" Ferb yelled, where many of the group members attempted to get down before he shot, but he let go of the string before many people could follow the commands.

The arrow missed Ferb, but it did get Obsessive in the heart, killing her instantly.

Buford had ran has fast as possible, and with his head start, nobody would be able to catch him.

The group ran to the bleeding girl, but they couldn't do anything to help her. The group stared at her lifeless body, pain and anger in their eyes, until the body retriever got the body and carried it away.

Everyone was silent for a moment until Ferb spoke up: "Everyone back to their stations, I'll go look for Buford. Candace and Stacy, help out Irving with the look out, Albert, keep an eye on Gretchen, I've got business to take care of" He said quickly. Everyone went to follow their orders.

Wow, I Guess We Have Some Tension Between Contestants Now... Sweet!

Finally, another death! I thought it would take forever, but... There we go! So, it's getting late over in the arena, so let's do another commercial break to fast forward the time to something more interesting, and then we'll see what's happening.

Commercial Break

. *Music Plays*

We Just Got A Letter, We Just Got A Letter!

We Just Got A Letter, I Wonder Who It's From?

. *Music Stops*

Letter: U Suk Man. 


Back to the Story

Well, it seems after everyone in Ferb's Alliance fell asleep after a hard day, including Ferb. Albert, who's supposed to be lookout, is talking to Irving about running away from the group. Let's see what's happening:

Silly, Silly, Albert

Albert: C'mon man, this'll be easy. Just steal some of their stuff, and we'll go.

Irving: But these are my friends!

Albert: But I'M your brother!

Irving: But-

Albert: Irv, don't you trust me?

Irving: Well, yeah, I guess.

Albert: So grab a loaf of bread and one of their backpacks and fill it with stuff so we can leave.

Irving: Uh, Umm...

Albert: NOW!

Irving: Ok.

So, Irving took a backpack and stole half of the groups items and equipment, and the two ran a distance to live on their own. The best reason we could get from this was Albert saying "We won't have to share the food or shelter as much anymore!"

"Man, It's Late Already?" "Well, We DID Have 2 Commercial Breaks!

Well, that's all the time for tonight. So, feed your pets, go on Facebook, and laugh at people who use Reddit because you think they're "Hipsters", even though you probably never even heard of Reddit before I mentioned it here.

End of Day 5 Updates

  • Ferb's Alliance is sleeping, but not knowing yet of the stolen items or Albert and Irving.
  • Albert and Irving are looking for shelter.
  • Buford is freezing, as Suzy has his flint rock, and he doesn't know where Suzy is.
  • Suzy is starving because Buford hasn't come back with any food.
  • Baljeet is starting to run out of supplies, but is still doing OK.

The Game Has Heated Up

Welcome to Day 6! I've been having a lot of fun so far, and I hope you are too! However, it seems pretty much everyone is still asleep after a long night, so, thanks to myself, I have devised a list, based on Alliances, Training Scores, etc, that shows the percentage of everyone's chance of winning! Now remember, only one can win, so let's see who has the best and worst chances of winning...

Top 10 Contestants

1. Isabella Garcia-Shapiro 23%

Why: Many of the contestants underestimate her, and she's one of the most respected members of "Ferb's Alliance". She's tough, fast, and doesn't have many people targeting her, unlike most contestants.

2. Candace Flynn 19%

Why: Again, many underestimate her because she can get emotional, but when she tries, you'll be dead in seconds. Also well respected among "Ferb's Alliance" for being the sister of the leader.

3. Ferb Fletcher 16%

Why: Possibly the most athletic of "Ferb's Alliance", and also very well respected, but he's attempting a one on one battle with one of the toughest contestants, Buford, which means one mistake and he's gone. Also the first targeted by assasins, especially since Phineas was killed by an assasin, Lotsav.

4. Stacy Hirano 14%

Why: She was the former leader of a group before they merged with "Ferb's Alliance", which gave her skills, but she's not the most athletic or smart. Still, she's someone who can avoid trouble, and can kill you if she has the chance.

5. Baljeet 8%

Why: Probably the best contestant NOT in "Ferb's Alliance", as he's saving up his energy. However, he's in a vunerable spot for arrows, and in one on one combat, he's not the best. Still, he's quick, smart, and definitely not part of the war that's brewing between many of the contestants.

6. Suzy Johnson 6%

Why: She's VERY young, and VERY hungry at the moment, but she's smart and quick, she'll take you out in a second. As long as she isn't noticed for most of the Games, she'll have a chance at winning.

7. Irving 4%

Why: A near-future target of "Ferb's Alliance" for stealing the supplies and running away with his brother, but he's quick and smart. Don't count him out, but don't get your hopes up for this guy either.

8. Gretchen 4%

Why: The only member of "Ferb's Alliance" not in the top 4, mostly because of the injury she sustained when Thor attacked her. However, if she makes it to the final 2, she'll definitely have a chance at winning.

9. Buford Van Stomm 3%

Why: Tough, and a possible ally with Suzy, but being hunted down by "Ferb's Alliance". If he does get away from the hunting though, he'll have a better chance.

10. Albert 3%

Why: He's smart... and that's about it. Also, he's being hunted down with his brother by "Ferb's Alliance", and he'll probably be killed before his brother for the assumption by the group that he made up the idea (Which he did, so the assumption is right).

We All Love People Having Enemies On This Show

OK, it's a bit later in the morning now, so let's do the updates like usual to see how everyone is doing...

Beginning of Day 6 Updates

  • In Ferb's Alliance, they have discovered the missing of half the items and 2 of the alliance members, Irving and Albert. After much discussing, they figured that Albert and Irving ran off for unknown reasons, and took the items with them. However, Ferb decided not to send out another search for the two boys, as they didn't cause any harm to any of the members. Ferb is continuing his search for Buford, while Isabella will lead the group while his gone, Stacy will be on lookout, and Candace will tend to Gretchen with the new first aid kit they received last night.
  • Buford has stopped running, and is now camping out in a tree, waiting for Ferb so he can shoot him.
  • Irving and Albert have gotten into half a dozen fights, but have ultimately made their own group, which is called "Albert's Team".
  • Suzy could starve to death any day now, and is attempting to hunt, but is not doing very well.
  • Baljeet is surviving of his few remaining items and the blueberry bush next to his tree.

If You Guys Must Know... Team Gale. *Hangs Head in Shame*

That's some pretty interesting stuff going on there! Now, who should we focus on at the moment... What? Oh, hold on a sec. What do you want, Dan? What? WHAT? Oh, Ok, I guess we'll do that then. Well, it seems that Ferb is unknowingly entering Buford range! Let's see what's gonna happen, shall we?

This is Gonna Rock...

Ferb was glancing around, knives in his pocket, and an arrow in his right hand, as well as some arrows in his backpack that they got from Thor after he died. Everything seemed a little quiet, except for the occasional bird.

Then, out of nowhere, he heard a weird noise. He looked all around for a few seconds, until he noticed an arrow only a few inches from his foot. He ran behind a big rock as another arrow just missed his head, and he was quickly thinking of what to do. He peaked his head over the rock and tried to shoot another arrow, but he didn't have enough time to shoot because he had to dodge another arrow. He sat behind the rock for another few seconds, wondering what to do next.

After Buford had wasted two more arrows shooting at the rock, until Ferb got an idea. He peaked around the side of the rock and before Buford could change his aim, Ferb aimed for Buford's hand and shot his first arrow of the battle. Buford knew the arrow was gonna be at the right of him, so he shifted left, but in doing this however, he missed the branch and started falling down the tree. During his horrible descent, he hit 2 strong branches, breaking them on impact. He landed on the ground with a huge crack, and Ferb walked over to the body to see if he was dead.

The body was mangled and bloody, both legs and one arm broken, the arrow missed his hand, but supringly hit his shoulder even though he fell while trying to dodge it. The worst part about his body was that he was still breathing normally. His heart, his brain, nor his lungs were affected in the fall. However, the fall did knock the wind out of him, so it was hard to speak.

Ferb wanted to kill him, he really did. He killed Obsessive, and tried to kill him twice. But he couldn't bring his knife down on him. I mean, he was just as old as Ferb himself, he couldn't kill him. He just watched as the body twitched violently, even while Buford was still alive. Finally, after 15 minutes of the body shaking, it suddenly stopped. Ferb checked his heart. It wasn't beating. He didn't really know how he died, maybe blood loss or even minor brain trauma that grew worse and worse, but he did know there was nothing he could have done about it. He was dead, even if he survived, he probably would be disabled for life.

So, he pulled out the knife from his shoulder and walked away, not feeling at all what he thought he would feel from the kill.

Another One Bites the Dust

Man, is that stuff even ALLOWED on TV? Well, this IS The Hunger Games, but still, that was gruesome and emotionally draining, I hope no kids were watching. (Besides Ferb, trollololol) Well, with another death, let's see how Ferb's Alliance will react. But first, those horrible commercials.

Another Horrible Commercial

The P&F Hunger Games. A time for death, sadness, and cruelty. These contestants need your help. Send a gift. They'll appreciate it. P.S Only send one gift per day.

Back to the Better Text

Well, Ferb is arriving at "Ferb's Alliance's" base. Let's see what happens...

Blood on the Shirt

Ferb quietly walked into the base, not from the entrance though, he felt that would draw a scene up. As soon as he stepped in, everyone could tell he wasn't feeling very upbeat about... Whatever the heck happened back there. Finally, Gretchen was the one to speak up:

"What happened?"

Ferb paused for a moment, and said "Don't worry. I got him". Everyone understood what he meant, as now the look on his face was understandable. Shock. He didn't know what to think. He murdered someone for murdering his friend, but like most contestants, it brought him no joy.

He silently climbed into one of the sleeping bags and, before falling asleep, yelled "Back to your work. Isabella, you're still the leader, at least for a while".

Isabella nodded, she was feeling bad for Ferb being a possible cause for Buford's death, but she also felt good that she could be in charge for another while. Everyone continued their work, but were all thinking about tonight, to see the image of Buford in the sky, to make sure he was dead.

Obsessive was avenged, but nobody really felt better afterwords.

4 Groups. One Person Will Win...

Man, it's already starting to get dark in the arena, I wonder how everyone else is doing, let me check the cameras... Hmm... Baljeet climbed down the tree to get berries, Irving and Albert fighting, and Suzy is almost dead from dehydration, infection, and starvation. Pfft, nothing NEW. So, because nothing else worth noting in their own little story is happening at the moment, I think we shall do another update, just to express final moments of the day without over glorifying them.

End of Day 6 Updates

  • Many of "Ferb's Alliance" stayed awake to see the death toll, which was two people: Obessive and Buford. After that, Isabella was chosen to be "Watch-Out" for the night, with everyone else going to sleep.
  • Albert and Irving are, again, besides a few arguements and a move from one shelter to the next, doing well. However, they're closer to "Ferb's Alliance" than expected, making them easy targets for anyone hunting in the group.
  • Baljeet is doing well, and even making up his own games, since nobody is really near him in the area.
  • Suzy died several hours after the death toll was shown.

Welcome Back!

Well, it's officially been a week in the arena, and the gifts that are sent in are really helping out the contestants! However, we must advise something: You can no longer send messages. It gives more popular contestants an even greater chance of winning, HOWEVER, if you send a gift with weird reasonings that can only be explained through message, For Example, a gift we we're sent earlier: Poisonous Berries, just in case the contestant is defenseless and want's to die quickly and painlessly. However, the long messages helping out the contestants in a huge way are no longer available. So, if you want to send a message to explain the gift you are giving to a contestant, we will allow that. But anything else, at least for now, is not allowed. Now, because that was already confusing enough, it's time for the updates!

Beginning of Day 7 Updates

  • In "Ferb's Alliance", Ferb will be searching for Albert's Team, Isabella will be the leader while he's gone, Candace will be on Look-out, and Stacy will keep an eye on Gretchen, as she's still in a weak condition, and one wrong move could lead to blood poisoning and/or blood loss. Gretchen received the poisonous berries and a small message: "Eat these to die quickly and painlessly, won't be hurt". She thought it was a good idea, and passed the berries to each member of the group, just in case.
  • In "Albert's Team", the two brothers have taken many precautions, digging a hole to hide from enemies, putting their food high up in a tree covered with leaves so animals can't get it, and someone is ALWAYS on look-out, just like in Ferb's Alliance.
  • Baljeet is now looking for people to either join or kill. He is getting closer to both groups, but not as close as the two groups are to each other.

Start Placing Your Bets...

So, we got 8 people left, 5 in one group, 2 in another, and 1 by himself. This'll definitely end well! But enough talk, according to our sources, A.K.A Those $10 security cameras we got set up around the arena, Baljeet AND Ferb are getting near Albert's and Irving's base. Let's see what happens.


Albert and Irving were doing well, enjoying a bit of food. They didn't know if Ferb's Alliance were after them or not, but they made sure to do the look-out every 10 minutes. If they were lucky, somebody would get ahead of them on Ferb's "Most Wanted List", but that probably wouldn't happen. They were being hunted down by Ferb's Alliance and they knew it, so the best they could do was find out when to run.

They just put out the fire when they heard a rustling sound. Irving jumped into the small hole and Albert went into a bush to see who it was. It was Baljeet! Albert knew Baljeet wasn't the best contestant, but he couldn't take any chances. He started running, and whispered to Irving to follow him. They ran in the opposite way that Baljeet was walking, but while running, they saw Ferb!

"Stop!" Ferb screamed as he noticed them, but, again, they couldn't take any chances, so they continued running as fast as possible, and before they could realize, they ended up running through Ferb's Alliance's base!

Stacy tried firing an arrow at them, but it ended up missing. The 2 brothers were running as fast as possible, and Ferb was close behind them. Just before they exited the open plain, Irving, not watching where he was going, tripped over Gretchen, who was still in her sleeping bag. Albert turned around and started running towards his brother, but Ferb was just as close to Irving as he was. Just before Ferb could kill Irving on the spot, Albert knocked Ferb off his feet with a punch to the temple. Even after Irving got up and ran into the woods, Albert remained in the base, repeatedly punching Ferb, who was still on the ground. Ferb tried punching back, but each punch from Albert weakend him.

Stacy, trying to keep her distance from Albert, afraid she will be attacked next, attempted to fire another arrow, but it missed again. Albert, realizing if he stuck around any longer, he would get an arrow in his chest (Or the knee, if anyone still likes that joke), ran off, leaving Ferb on the ground.

The group, who mostly remained frozen from shock during the attack, ran towards Ferb and Gretchen. Gretchen was OK, and her wound didn't open up from Irving tripping over her, but Ferb, who was right next to her, was very injured. His lip was swollen and bleeding, he had a small black eye, his nose was bleeding, and his left arm had several bruises after her tried to block the punches with it. The group tried to control the blood loss, and Ferb himself was moaning from pain, but nothing was fatal, thankfully.

Albert and Irving was running faster than they ever have ran, trying to get as far away from the base as possible. They didn't care that they didn't have any items anymore, they just wanted to get the heck out of that area.

Wouldn't That Have Looked Good in the Movie?

Wow... Well, nobody died, but that was AWESOME! You thought Irving and/or Albert would have died? HECK NO, They DESTROYED the leader of the most powerful group in the entire arena! Not literally though, but still! Who knew a nerd could beat up somebody that bad? So, Ferb is in extremely bad shape at the moment, let's see what the group does...

Saving a Friend

The group, not trying the move him from his area, tried to do what they could with the supplies they had left, just until the night, when they'll probably get more supplies.

"Ferb? Are you OK? Speak to me, buddy!" Candace said, trying to keep her cool, but she was very, very angry at Albert's Team, especially Albert himself.

Ferb didn't respond, he had the wind knocked out of him, he just let out a quick breath at her question.

They had worked almost an hour, not bothering to go after the two brothers, after they were already long gone by now. They decided to lift him to a sleeping bag so he could try sleeping off some of the pain.

"So, what are we gonna do about Albert and Irving?", Gretchen said, still in her sleeping bag.

"If Ferb doesn't wake up soon, we'll ask Isabella", Candace replied.

Oh Boy, Another Twist!

OK, so things are going kinda slowly now, like someone from Ferb's Alliance is probably gonna win, and they're currently ruling over all. Well, besides that one attack on the leader, but nobody in the group died since Obsessive! So, I have a pretty good twist here, you guys might not be happy for the result, but we'll see. So, what we will do is insert these 8 names into a "Random Name Picker". Which ever name comes out will be the prey. Once somebody kills the prey, they get a reward of 5 gifts of their choice, in which they can say out loud, because cameras can follow their every move. However, even though you get a reward for killing the prey, you also got to pay a price. You BECOME the prey. The very first prey does not get a reward, unless of course, you guys send one to him/her. So, let's see...

The Prey...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure you all know of our "Prey" twist we are inserting now. If you are unsure of the rules, please direct your eyes on the ceiling of the dome. So, through our name picker, out of all 8 of you, the very first prey is...........

Stacy Hirano! I hope you all do well, and good luck.

The Reactions

Stacy stared up at the sky for a few seconds, hoping it was a mistake. There was a 1/8 chance, so why was SHE the one picked? Why not Albert or Irving? Out of all of the things she could have won in her lifetime, why was it THIS?

Candace put her arm around Stacy's shoulder; "Don't worry, we'll protect you, we're half the arena! I'd say we can handle it" Candace said, unworringly. Stacy smiled too, as with a group of trustworthy and loyal friends, she had nothing to fear.

"Oh, and Stace? I think I'll take your place in the lookout tonight, you know, to keep you safe and all" Candace said again.

"Alright" Stacy said, as she decided, as it was starting to get dark, she would go to sleep in the last remaining sleeping bag. Isabella decided to go in the same sleeping bag as Stacy, as there was only 3, Gretchen had a wound that could open at any contact, and Ferb was still bleeding. Candace made sure to keep signs of every movement, and kept her arrow on standby.

I Wonder How That Twist Will Work Out in the Future...

So, Ferb got beat up, Stacy was announced the new prey, and Albert and Irving avoided another brush with death. So, let's do the updates.

End of Day 7 Updates

  • Ferb's Alliance is asleep, Ferb is doing slightly better, and Candace got the first aid kit, and woke up Isabella to work more on Ferb, while Candace stays on guard.
  • In Albert's team, both brothers, now only equipped with a nunchuck, climbed two different trees next to each other to sleep.
  • Baljeet has taken Albert's and Irving's base and items after they evacuated.

Please, For The Love of a Judge, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!

Welcome back to Day 8 of The P&F Hunger Games! Now, before we get started with looking at our poor, poor contestants, let me say something important... PLEASE SEND GIFTS. You don't want all these contestants going out on starvation or hypothermia, do you? You're a good half of this story. How do you think Suzy and Mary died? LACK OF LOVE (Well, Suzy was sent a gift, but that was during me typing the story, so yeah). So please, donate now, and if you didn't give a gift yet, give one now! I'll put your name in the credits! :D

Beginning of Day 8 Updates

  • Only 2 members of Ferb's Alliance can do proper work; Candace and Isabella. Stacy has to stay hidden in case of attack by one of the remaining contestants following her being the "Prey", which means people will be hunting for her and will be given weapons and survival items if they do kill her, Ferb is badly injured from Albert's attack, and Gretchen's wound still needs medical treatment.
  • Albert's Team is doing well, finding food and shelter and even a small source of heat from a lantern near a fallen tree where Jeremy had died. His corpse was gone though because the body was sent back to the lab by the body retriever.
  • Baljeet has noticed late in the night a bright late, and when he checked it out, it was Ferb's Alliance's base. He went back to his shelter and thinking about either joining them or killing them.

Things are Heating Up, What Will Happen Today?

Well, we got some interesting stuff going on here, I really do wonder if everyoone will make it out toda- Oh, hold on, Jeff is trying to tell me something. Why the heck are you cutting me off mid show? Wait, What? Well, that's news, I guess. Ok, well I just talked to Jeff, and Ferb has somehow convinced the group to go out hunting. Kinda weird choice, but I guess we'll have to go with it...... Oh, another big thing that's happening, Ferb is getting near the now asleep Baljeet! Man, I'm sweating just watching this right now! Let's go down to the arena to see what'll happen...

Out of Character

Ferb, who was still groaning from pain, was searching the woods for Albert and Irving. Ever since Albert's attack, he has been ticked at them, and will do anything to find them.

He walked for about 30 minutes, when suddenly, he heard something. He didn't exactly know what, but he decided to stay love and search the area. He only had to look for a few seconds until he see's the now awaking Baljeet.

Baljeet, as soon as he sees Ferb, takes no chances and tries to run. However, he doesn't get far. Ferb catches up to him and hits him over the head with a boomerang. He quickly ties Baljeet's hands and feet up with several pieces of rope, and as Baljeet is knocked out, Ferb carries his limp but breathing body all the way back to the base.

Baljeet woke up once while Ferb was carrying him, but Ferb hit him again with the boomerang. He wasn't that heavy, but after a while, he put Baljeet on the ground and dragged him the rest of the way.

Finally, after about 20 more minutes, Ferb picks Baljeet up again and lifts him into the base. Isabella is the first to notice.

"You got someone?" She asked, slightly confused.

"Yeah, Baljeet" He replied quickly.

"Why though?" She asked again, wondering why he would catch a possible ally.

"He's the only other person alive besides Albert, Irving, and us. He might give us some info." He answered. The rest of the group decided to go along with it, and Ferb grabbed a bandage from the first aid kit for himself for his bleeding arm.

He checked to see if Baljeet was still breathing, and he was.

"So, what should we do with him?", Candace asked, wondering what Ferb had in mind.

"We'll keep him here, when he wakes up, tell me. I'll get some info out of him." Ferb said, decided to take a nap after many hours passed going to and from Baljeet's destination, even though Baljeet was near them in the first place. Ferb had taken another trail he made himself, which was where he saw Irving and Albert.

Candace was a little suprised Ferb was talking so much today, but it's understandable I guess.

Ferb went to sleep in a sleeping bag, while Candace and Gretchen observed Baljeet's passed out body, motionless except for the rise and fall of his chest when he breathed.

"Didn't think he was alive." Gretchen said to Candace.

"Yeah well, he's here now, I guess." Candace replied.

"Shouldn't we use a bandage on that cut on his arm, or should we leave it?" Gretchen asked, still in her sleeping bag, as she rarely can even get out of it.

"Leave it, we need all our first aid equipment for you and Ferb".

Candace walked away, while Gretchen decided to crawl deeper into her sleeping bag, hoping to get some more asleep.


So, we got 2 groups at war, and 1 prisoner? Sounds like (Joke removed for the host going into detail over a controversial topic). Am I right? lol rofl and other stuff. Anyways, it seems that it's starting to get dark in the arena, and Beljeet seems to be waking up. Let's see what goes down...

Waking to Death

Baljeet started to twitching, before opening his eyes slowly. Stacy, who was hiding in one of the trees from Irving and Albert, notices him. "Hey Ferb! He's waking up!"

Ferb ran towards the tied up Baljeet, to see for himself. Baljeet was definitely awake, but had no energy.

"Hey. Baljeet. Can you hear me?" Ferb asked louder than usual, but not to loud.

"Yes" Baljeet said, probably hoping it was all a bad dream.

"Now look, I got a few questions. If you answer them with no problem, you'll be Ok, at least for now. If you don't answer, you'll stay here. Understand?" Ferb asked sternly.

"Sure" Baljeet replied, now more awake, but still in great pain.

"OK, what do you know about Albert and Irving?" He asked slowly.

"I saw them once as they abandonded their base, but that was it" He replied.

"We're they running from you?" He asked, listening closely.

"I guess" Baljeet replied again, hoping the answer wouldn't cause any trouble.

Ferb sighed. "Final question, you think you can answer it without passing out on us?" Ferb asked, never talking as much as he was right now.

"Yes" He replied once again, trying to keep himself as safe as possible.

"Where do you think two smart brothers would go in an arena like this?"

"Somewhere high up, near a lake, but not to close. Maybe some berries. Lots of trees. That's just a guess though." He answered, hoping they would let him go.

"Thanks" Ferb replied. "Well, everybody", he said to the member's of his team, "We got a lead".

"What about Baljeet though?" Isabella asked.

"Yeah, what about me?" Baljeet asked as well.

"Hmm... Well, we'll keep you here until we kill Albert and Irving. After that, we'll consider letting you into the final fight with one of us. Deal?"

"Alright" Baljeet answered, lucky that he still has a chance to survive.

"Alright" Ferb said, untying Baljeet. "Candace, you keep an eye on Baljeet and Gretchen. I'll take care of my own injuries. G'night"

"Night" The group responded, Baljeet decided to sleep near the fire.

"That Day was Shor-" "I KNOW!"

Well, that seems to be all for tonight. Both groups are asleep, so let's check our updates.

End of Day 8 Updates

  • Ferb's Alliance and Albert's Team consist of the only contestants remaining.
  • Albert's Team is doing well, hoping to move to another shelter soon.

"​I Just Don't Get Why People Would Watch This on TV" "It's the Future" "Ah"

Welcome back to the sure to be exciting 9th day of The P&F Hunger Games! We got a big day ahead of us today, with a huge rivalry still going on between Ferb's Alliance and Albert's Team. Let's hope someone dies, we haven't seen that in AGES, well, except on the replays, but you know what I mean. We shouldn't manipulate the game in the middle of a war, so will just see how it goes. But first, the updates EVERYONE loves.

Beginning of Day 9 Updates

  • Ferb's Alliance is planning to hunt down Albert's Team as soon as possible.
  • Albert's Team has only one weapon, but are intelligent enough to find food. They live near a lake.

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Well, down in the arena, Ferb and Candace are gone looking for Albert's Team, while Isabella takes the leadership role once again, Stacy hides in the tree with her weapons and food from possible attacks from Albert and Irving, Baljeet is not allowed to leave the area, but is allowed to walk without rope on his arms or legs, and Gretchen is on lookout, still trying to heal her wounds. However, we have to explain something we added in, as in might be soon when this will be involved with the game: "The Final Fight". Basically what happens is with our full control of the arena, we have a special device called SAGDS, the "Super Awesome Gas Dispenser System". Basically, in every camera, as well as in several trees, on the top of the invisible dome roof, in flowers, etc, we have thousands of gas dispensers, which when set on, can fill the entire arena with gas in seconds. What we plan to do is knock out the last 2 contestants, which we will then retrieve the knocked out bodies, fix all of their injuries, and then put them back into the arena for them to fight one on one weaponless. After one person is knocked out by the other, they will be given a weapon to finish off the other contestant. However, after reading this, you probably have a few questions. For example:

Q: What if one person will kill 2 people at the same time?

A: We will use the gas, and instead of one on one in the final fight, it will be one on one on one.

Q: What if the contestants refuse to hurt each other?

A: The Final Fight will be changed to survival, where an animal will be sent into the arena, and the last contestant alive, wins.

Q: What if both contestants are knocked out?

A: The final fight shall restart, with us bringing the contestants back to normal forms, and they shall continue the fight.

Q: Why are you even doing this?

A: It'll be epic. Also, the contestants know what'll happen if they refuse to hurt each other, so they'd probably prefer being knock out by punching instead of having their guts ripped out while they're watching.

Back to Our Regular Programming

Well, now that you know that, I'm happy to say Ferb, thanks to Baljeet's lead, is in the direction of Albert's Base! Ferb is looking at all the open plains that he saw on his way to finding Baljeet, and the next plain he's going to is Alberts! Let's see what goes down...

Fisishing Off A Rival

Ferb was walking through the woods, which was really starting to get repetitive, as he's been doing that since the games began, it was really getting boring. He was getting closer and closer to the next plain, probably the 5th one he checked, but when he got closer to this one, he saw a motion. He stood completely still. He watched the bodies move for about 3 minutes, until finally, he decided to attack...

Sudden Horror

Albert and Irving were attempting to pass the time, and both eventually went to get a drink from the lake. Ferb knew this would be his chance so he ran out from the trees and pushed Albert in the water, and trying to force his knife into Albert's chest. Albert luckily had his nunchucks with him, so he hit Ferb multiple times with them. Ferb however, kept his knife pointing at the chest, only being restricted by Albert's free arm. Albert continued hitting Ferb on the head with the nunchucks, rendering Ferb weaker and weaker with every hit, and also spitting the water in his face whenever possible, with his head underwater. However, Albert's arm got tired from holding Ferb's knife hand back, which Ferb used to his advantage, by stabbing Albert multiple times in the chest.

All while this is happening, Irving had evacuated the area, hoping that his brother would be Ok.

Finally, Ferb stopped stabbing Albert once he stopped breathing. However, as soon as Albert started floating in the water motionless, Ferb started to get extremely dizzy. A few seconds after killing Albert, Ferb passed out face first in the water. Sadly, water entered Ferb's lungs fast, and he drowned in less than a minute.

Responses to the 2 Deaths

Candace hears two cannons go off, and she figures Albert and Irving were killed, so she heads back to the base. Irving runs faster and faster and begins sobbing when he hears the 2 cannons, as he's certain his brother was killed. Ferb's Alliance seems happy that they're 2 greatest foes are gone, and await the return of Candace and Ferb.

The Final 6

Isabella, Candace, Stacy, Gretchen, Baljeet, and Irving. The final 6 no one expected. However, the only person completely hated by "Isabella's Alliance" now is Irving. Even still, Irving isn't THAT bad a kid, it was mostly his brot- Hold on, Dan's trying to tell me something. *Skiping Arguement* Well, it seems that one of the best parts of the whole P&F Hunger Games has begun! The Banquet! Now, for you liars who didn't read the book OR watch the movie, let me give you the basic run down.

The Banquet

In The Banquet (P&F version, of course), 6 bags are put in the middle of the open field that everyone started in. Well, one for each contestant. So, each contestant will go to the middle of the field, get the bag with a useful item in it, and they shall then run back to the forest. Now, because you people think to much, here's what you're thinking: "Mr. MovieGlues, Why would people want gifts if people send gifts all the time?" Well, you silly little alien girl (Fanon references are all I got):

1. The contestants that need gifts most are the least liked ones.

2. They're bait for other contestants to destroy them! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahaha...ha.

Commercial Break

Hey there internet. Do you want to see more work by this author? Well, you can't.

Today's Awesome! But Remember, A Good Day's Gotta End With A Bang...

So, it comes to this. We're getting the bags set up using the body retrievers, and we're about to make the announcement on the speakers. We gotta hurry though, it's starting to get dark:

Good Evening Tributes! This is MovieReviews98 coming to you live from home base! We have begun the banquet! I'm sure you all know about the banquet, but if you don't, info will be posted on the dome ceiling. Have fun!

The Realization

Isabella heard the announcement. She ran to Candace, who was gonna help get all the bags. "Where's Ferb? Shouldn't he be here by now?" She asked.

"Maybe he's hunting or something, but we gotta go now, the banquet only lasts an hour!" Candace replied, as they both started running in the direction of the open plain.

They got there within 10 minutes, and looked at the bags and the names on the platform.

"Baljeet, Isabella, Gretchen" Candace started reading out.

"Me, Stacy, and..." She paused for a moment. Isabella knew something was wrong, so she looked out at the platform as well.

"Irving" she said, shocked. Candace had begun sobbing, just as much as she did for Phineas. "Candace, Candace, don't cry. We can't do nothing about it now" Isabella said, almost on the verge of tears herself. "C'mon, we gotta get the bags"

Candace nodded slowly, however, when they both turned around, they saw Irving charging at them, a sharp rock at hand. Before either of them could even react, Irving grabbed Isabella and held it to her temple. "Don't move a muscle" He said to Candace, who didn't bother to bring any weapons, as she thought Irving was dead. Candace stood there, frozen, staring at the malice Irving and the frightened Isabella.

"Ok Irving. I'll bite. What do you want?" Candace asked, trying to play it cool, but her voice getting shaky when saying it.

"Just a chance to win." Irving replied, and with that, he drove the sharp rock into Isabella's temple, killing her, and then ran to get his bag. Candace chased after him despite her sadness for Ferb and Isabella.

After a while, Irving could no longer run, but Candace could. As soon as she caught up to him, Irving punched her in the stomach, but it was kind of weak from him being so tired. Candace replied with a punch to the temple. Irving, who was stunned by the attack, tried backing away whilst on the ground, but Candace stomped on his neck multiple times, eventually crushing his windpipe, killing him.

So many things were rushing through her head, from her brothers deaths, to her killing Irving, to even those poisonous berries she had in her pocket. After a while of consideration, she decided to walk back to base, not even caring about the bags anymore.

It was already dark out, so her slow walk almost took her off course, but she eventually made it back. Stacy ran up to her and hugged her, knowing that Isabella was dead, and with only 4 people left, Ferb had to have been killed. "Candace, we're all ready to go to sleep." Stacy told Candace. Candace nodded slowly and went to one of the free sleeping bags. Stacy decided to sleep up in the tree again. She knew today was big, and tomorrow is when the final 2 would be decided, by them. Candace, Gretchen, Baljeet, and her. Only 2 can make it to the final fight, and only one will make it out of here alive.

Oooh, The Final Fight's Gonna be Here Soon! :D

And with that, we shall end off this huge night. We're not gonna do updates, because nobody stayed awake when the deaths were announced, so see you tomorrow.

Midnight Showing: Remaining Contestants

Stacy Hirano

Team: 2

Rating: 9/12.

Health: 10/10.

Strengths: Athletic Ability.

Weaknesses: She is the Prey, therefore if someone wanted to betray the team, she would be the first one to kill, to help them get more items.

Candace Flynn

Team: 5

Rating: 8/12.

Health: 10/10.

Strengths: Athletic Ability.

Weaknesses: Her confidence has been greatly diminished.


Team: 9

Rating: 5/12.

Health: 8/10.

Strengths: Intelligence.

Weaknesses: Least trust of other contestants.


Team: 10

Rating: 9/12.

Health: 5/10.

Strengths: She's good at almost everything (Fireside girl, duh)

Weaknesses: She has a wound that could lead her to be infected or cause massive bleeding.

If You Want More Than One Contestant to Win, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome back! It's been a pleasure telling you about the events about these outstanding games, but unfortunatly, besides the Final Fight, this'll probably be the last day, and if I'm right, only 2 people will make it out of this day. And by tomorrow, only one will be able to leave the arena without a decaying corpse.

OK, look, I'm not trying to get emotional on you guys, it's not why you guys like this, but I've been having a lot of fun writing this, and you guys have been a GREAT help.

However, the games aren't over yet, so now that the 4 remaining contestants are getting up from their long slumber, we shall check out what their final decisions may be...

I Would Make a Lord of the Flies Reference Here, But I Never Read the Book.

Stacy was the first to wake up, and she sat near the still raging fireplace. She was pondering what life would be like if she won, would she just go back to Danville as a normal citizen, or would the creators, Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh, take control of her life? She didn't want to think about that, but she did at least want to make it out of the arena alive.

She spent so much time thinking about her future that she didn't notice Baljeet sit next to her until he spoke up.

"You think we should wake them up now?" He asked in a soft tone.

"Yeah, sure." Stacy replied, trying to be nice, but just so lost in thought by her possible future.

Stacy woke up Candace, and Baljeet woke up Gretchen, and they all got up and sat down in a circle near the fire. They remained silent for a few seconds until Gretchen decided to start. She rolled the poisonous berries sent by a viewer to the middle of the circle, and said with a sigh "Anyone who wants to go now, go ahead." She said with little excitement about the 1/4 chance of leaving the arena.

Candace almost reached out to grab to berries and shove them in her mouth, but she decided she'll try, at least for her fallen friends, brothers, and Jeremy.

Baljeet knew he was lucky to still be alive, so he shouldn't quit now, but he really wasn't sure if his life will be worth living if he won.

Stacy, again, thought about her future, but she knew that her now deceased friends will want her to keep moving. She knew that right across the circle was one of her best friends, Candace, but they both knew they were best friends, and if one killed the other, it would not be in anger, it would be for freedom.

Gretchen has had this horrible wound for almost the whole games, and she really wants the pain to stop, but she knows only two more people will have to die and then she'll be sent back to homebase, and her wound will be healed. Even then, she'll have to take part in the final fight, but she knows how to fight, she may be able to win...

Nobody reached for the berries.

Gretchen had then grabbed the berries and threw them into the woods. Nobody was gonna willingly die, so they had to find another way...

"So, what are we gonna do?" Stacy asked, kinda scared.

"... I think I may have an idea" Candace said. She grabbed 5 rocks and set one down by each person, and the last one she held in her hand. "Write 2 people you think deserves to be in the Final Fight, use this rock to write your answers on the rock in front of you" She said.

"But why don't we just say who we want to win?" Baljeet asked, slightly angry.

"The people will remain anonymous, so if you're in the final fight with someone you didn't vote for, they won't know" She answered, now visibly shaking.

So, one by one, each person went into the woods, wrote the 2 people they wanted to make to the final fight. Finally, they laid their rocks upside down in a pile. Candace read them out. She picked up the first rock and turned it over...

"Candace and Baljeet" She said. "That's one vote for me, and one for Baljeet" Candace said. Everyone was nervous, they didn't know if people nominated themselves, or let others have a chance. Candace picked up the second rock and turned it over.

"Candace and Stacy" She said. "2 votes for me, 1 for Stacy". Tension was rising fast, Gretchen is dead last in votes, Stacy and Baljeet are tied for second, and Candace is in the lead. Candace picked up the third rock and turned it over.

"Stacy and Gretchen" She said. "2 for Stacy, 1 for Gretchen".

Candace and Stacy are tied, Baljeet and Gretchen close behind. One vote for Candace or Stacy, and they're automatically in the Final Fight. Candace quickly picked up the fourth rock, and turned it over in her lap. She read the 2 names and paused. Finally, after a moment of silence, she said...

"Candace and Baljeet". Everyone paused. Candace was safe, Gretchen is not. Stacy and Baljeet are tied, but there aren't any rocks left. Gretchen paused for a few seconds, then began sobbing. Candace wanted to cheer her up, but she was sentenced to death. Candace pulled out 3 poisonous berries she kept in her pocket, and handed them to Gretchen, hugging her while doing so. They looked at Gretchen, but they then decided to turn away, they didn't want to see their friend die.

Candace had looked back after hearing a small thud, and Gretchen was motionless on the ground, certainly dead, or at least on the verge. She decided to carry her body to the nearby lake, with Stacy and Baljeet following behind.

They had arrived within two minutes, and just as Candace had put Gretchen in the water, the body retriever took her body out and it flew back to the base. Candace stared in anger at the body retriever, but decided to hurry back, they had to decide who will go with her to the final fight, Stacy or Baljeet.

Wait! Candace Had to Sing a Song to Gretchen While She Was Dying!

Well... Gretchen's dead.

Turn Away Fellow Fanoners... This Probably Won't Be Pretty...

Candace was standing in the middle of the plain, with a bow and arrow in her hand, in front of both Stacy and Baljeet, and as she drew back on her arrow, thinking about which one she wanted to face in the final fight, she saw the pleading look in both of her friends faces. Stacy was her friend, and didn't want to kill her, but if she didn't win, Stacy should be the one to do so, at least in her opinion. Finally, after almost a minute of thinking, she pointed the arrow at Baljeet...

"THAT'S IT!" Baljeet screamed, as he pulled a small knife out of his pocket, which no one knew he even had it, and launched it at Candace. It pierced her skull, killing her instantly.

Stacy stared at Baljeet, fear in her eyes, but just before Baljeet could even look at Stacy, they both passed out from the gas.

And that is the end of Day 10.

Final Fight: Friday, May 4th, 2012.

Pre-Fight Interviews

Host: Hello all you awesome people! Movies here again, and to keep you guys informed about what's going on before the final fight, I'm gonna interview both final contestants! I know you guys have lots of questions, and I'm gonna try to get these contestants to answer them, for your entertainment. So, without any furthur ado, Stacy Hirano!

Stacy: Glad to be here.

Host: So, congrats on making the final 2! I know these last few days have been some of the hardest of your life, but most of the fanon's rooting for you! How does that make you feel?

Stacy: Pretty good, I guess.

Host: Now, what are your feelings towards Baljeet right now?

Stacy: *Pause* I'm really angry at him, you know, he was gonna die, he should have done it with honor, dignity, and respect, not turn against the team that spared his life!

Host: I totally understand. Final question, do you think you're gonna win?

Stacy: I honestly don't know.

Host: Well, Thanks for coming, and good luck!

. *Stacy walks off stage*

Host: And now, the man who cheated death not once (Exectution), not twice (Encounter with Ferb), but 3 times (Encounter with Irving and Albert)! Let's all give a big round of applause to Baljeet!

. *Mostly boos, a few lone cheers*

Host: Hello Baljeet! Glad to have you here!

Baljeet: Thanks!

Host: So, 'jeet, you, against 2 tough and strong teams, you managed to make the final 2! How do you feel buddy?

Baljeet: I feel great!

Host: You seem very happy, why so?

Baljeet: I'm just glad that I managed to get my way out of forced death. You know, I lost hope until that one moment.

Host: Speaking of, why did you do that anyways?

Baljeet: I hated Candace for choosing Stacy over me, after I could have killed them all, but I didn't! And even still, why would she fight her best friend in the finals?

Host: Agreed. So, final question, do you think you're gonna win?

Baljeet: I think I will, but you never know.

Host: Alright. Thank you Baljeet! As for you guys, tune in tomorrrow for the Final Fight, and maybe some more special features! Have a great day!

Just Before the Final Fight

... I hope you guys realize how big today shall be. Like, this will be the biggest thing since those really expensive jaw-breakers you get at the nearby market for like $5. This shall be the topic that will shock Random Topic Blogging, people will be talking/typing about this for almost a half hour! So pay attention, and don't be a hater, things aren't always what they seem... (Only a select few Canadians will get that reference)

The Final Fight

The plain was small, but with no rocks, no branches, nothing. The borders to seperate the plain from the woods are these little machines that will gun down anyone who attempts to run away. They won't attack if they're only trying to avoid the other person's attack though. It was cloudy, with a peak of sunshine, no chance of rain, thanks to the computers back at home base keeping track of everything in the dome. At the opposite sides of the plain, there were entrances that were closed. One held Baljeet, the other held Stacy. Both were nervous, but hoping they would win.

After 30 minutes, the 2 contestants were ready. They both stood ready near the door, for getting a head start. It took several more minutes, but then, the doors opened up extremely fast, and the two contestants ran out as fast as possible, the entrances closing as soon as they got out. Stacy and Baljeet ran towards each other, with Baljeet laying the first punch, in the chest, causing Stacy to kneel over. Baljeet then tackled Stacy to the ground and punched her multiple times. Stacy blocked the later punches, and then grabbed Baljeet by his arm and flipped him off her. She kicked him while standing up, as she knows she can beat Baljeet while standing. Baljeet tries knocking her off her feet by hauling her leg in his direction, but it's a failed attempt, so he tries to get up, but Stacy knees him in the head, causing his nose to bleed and his lip to swell. He gets up again and punches Stacy in the face while jumping. She lands on her two hands, and quickly gets up, now discovering her lip is cut open.

"Go down!" Baljeet screamed in anger and desperation. Stacy kicked behind her, missing Baljeet, but Baljeet grabbed her leg and hauled her to the ground once again. He punched Stacy more than 30 times until Stacy managed to knee him in the chest. Baljeet froze over Stacy for a moment, than got up and started staggering away. Stacy realized that Baljeet could no longer breath, and was trying to get his breath back. Stacy realized then that this was her chance, so she punched him twice in the chest, causing him to collapse by his own weight. He managed to kick her in the stomach, but Stacy elbowed Baljeet in the face, cutting his forhead open. Stacy hammered Baljeet's temple several times, finally knocking him out.

Stacy stood over Baljeet's motionless body, her face bloodied and bruised, now knowing that she will win. Suddenly, she heard the host:

"Please choose the weapon you'll use". She thought for a moment, and then said "Gun". Suddenly, a glock pistol fell down from the top of the dome, and right next to it, 5 bullets in a package. She picked up the gun, put one bullet in the chamber, and then turned around to finish the games, but as soon as she went to look at Baljeet, he kicked her in the back, knocking her over. He faked being knocked out. He grabbed Stacy by the arm while she was on the ground, trying to take the gun away from her, but Stacy managed to aim the gun directly at him. Baljeet managed to roll out of the way, so Stacy didn't shoot, and then Baljeet kicked her again in the shin, and managing to grab the gun from her weak hand. He pointed the gun at her head, and pulled the trigger. Stacy was dead.

"Congrats Baljeet! You're the winner of The P&F Hunger Games! Please step on the platform when it arrives to ensure your victory!" The host announced.

Baljeet saw the platform, but instead of stepping on, he walked over to where the near perfect condition bullets layed. He grabbed another bullet from the package, and in a fit of anger and sadness, loaded the gun, and aimed it at his own mouth.


Danville suffered from the event, as well as Dan, Jeff, and MovieReviews98. The biggest problem plaugueing the shows creators was after the movie, the TV show Phineas and Ferb gained more and more popularity, but many of the cast members were dead. So, in order to keep the show going, the trio managed to fix the bodies to almost perfect state, and cloned the contestants in an alive form, but taking away all memory of the movie rebellion, and The P&F Hunger Games...


Author- MovieReviews98

"Phineas and Ferb" TV Show Owned By Disney

"The Hunger Games" Book Owned By Suzanne Collins

"The Hunger Games" Movie Owned By Lionsgate and Gary Ross

Special Thanks To All the Gift Givers and Readers, as well as MaddyFae for the second edition cover!

The End.

Gifts Sent:

  • Stacy was sent a switchblade. (Sent)
  • Ferb was sent a small first aid kit with medicine, 5 bandaids, and gauze. (Sent)
  • Gretchen was sent a loaf of bread. (Sent)
  • Isabella was sent a bottle of water. (Sent)
  • Isabella was sent a Sleeping Bag. (Sent)
  • Ferb was sent a Sleeping Bag. (Sent)
  • Gretchen was sent a Sleeping Bag. (Sent)
  • Gretchen was sent a small first aid kit with medicine, 3 strong big bandages, and gauze. (Sent)
  • Baljeet was sent a Sleeping Bag. (Sent)
  • Isabella was sent an arrow for Phineas's bow. (Sent)
  • Buford was sent Flintrock. (Sent)
  • Albert was sent Nunchucks (Sent)
  • Buford was sent an Apple (Sent)
  • Isabella was sent a Loaf of Bread (Sent)
  • Gretchen was sent a Bottle of Water (Sent)
  • Gretchen was sent a small first aid kit with medicine, 3 strong big bandages, and gauze. (Sent)
  • Isabella was sent 3 Apples (Sent)
  • Gretchen was sent 12 poisonous berries (For a quick, painless death in case of torture). (Sent)
  • Ferb was sent a Cupcake. (Sent)
  • Stacy was sent a small first aid kit with medicine, 3 strong bandages, and gauze. (Sent)
  • Isabella was sent an arrow (Sent)
  • Ferb was sent a small first aid kit with medicine, 3 strong bandages, and gauze. (Sent)
  • Ferb was sent a small loaf of bread and 1 bottle of water. (Sent)
  • Stacy was sent a loaf of bread. (Sent)
  • Stacy was sent an axe. (Sent)
  • Gretchen was sent a dagger (Sent)
  • Gretchen was sent a first aid kit (Sent)


24. Django- Team 5 (Killed by Buford using Bow and Arrow)

23. Thaddeus- Team 11 (Stabbed with a Knife by Vanessa)

22. Jenny- Team 3 (Thoat Slit with Knife by Suzy)

21. Adyson- Team 9 (Suffocated when Tree fell on her)

20. Rip- Team 12 (Crushed by Boulders)

19. Jeremy- Team 4 (Mauled to death by bear)

18. Coltrane- Team 8 (Struck by Lightning, Followed by Burning to Death)

17. Holly- Team 7 (Fell From A Tree, Followed by Getting Hit by Baljeet's Arrow)

16. Phineas- Team 10 (Stabbed Multiple Times by Lotsav)

15. Lotsav- Team 11 (Stabbed Twice by Ferb)

14. Vanessa- Team 4 (Killed by Mine)

13. Mary- Team 6 (Dehydration, Stavation, Hypothermia)

12. Thor- Team 7 (Killed by Knife thrown by Isabella)

11. Obsessive- Team 12 (Killed by Buford using a Bow and Arrow)

10. Buford- Team 1 (Fell From Tree, Hit with Ferb's Arrow)

9. Suzy- Team 1 (Dehydration, Starvation, Hypothermia)

8. Albert- Team 6 (Stabbed and Drowned by Ferb)

7. Ferb- Team 3 (Drowned after passing out face first in shallow water)

6. Isabella- Team 8 (Stabbed in head with sharp rock by Irving)

5. Irving- Team 2 (Broken neck, caused by Candace repeatedly stomping on it)

4. Gretchen- Team 10 (Execution/Suicide)

3. Candace- Team 5 (A knife, thrown by Baljeet, stabbed her head)

2. Stacy- Team 2 (Shot in the head)

1. Baljeet- Team 9 (Winner, possible suicide after winning)

Most Kills by Contestants

1. Ferb- 3 Kills (Albert, Buford, Lotsav)

1. Baljeet- 3 Kills (Stacy, Candace, Holly)

3. Buford- 2 Kills (Obsessive, Django)

4. Candace- 1 Kill (Irving)

4. Isabella- 1 Kill (Thor)

4. Irving- 1 Kill (Isabella)

4. Albert- 1 Kill (Ferb)

4. Suzy- 1 Kill (Jenny)

4. Vanessa- 1 Kill (Thaddeus)

4. Lotsav- 1 Kill (Phineas)


  • The only two characters to die from lack of food and/or water were Mary Sue and Suzy Johnson.
  • The only new characters that made an impact were "Obsessive Fangirl", who joined Ferb's Alliances, and was killed by Buford, and "Lotsav Filla", who was the cause of Phineas's death. Obsessive finished 11th, and Lotsav finished 15th.
  • The author made up ideas one day before he written them, and if a fan sent a gift or a message that affected it, he would think of the idea one hour before he wrote it.
  • Vanessa's death was originally made for Buford, but was later changed.
  • The 3 judges in the story are: The author/narrator/user, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (The shows creators).
  • The deaths were not based on personal preference as much as realism. That's why characters like Jeremy and Phineas died earlier than expected.
  • While writing about Albert punching Ferb repeatedly, the author himself unexplainably got a nose bleed.
  • Jeremy's original death was by suffocation when crushed by a tree, but because of poor reception, the death was changed in the Director's Cut to him being mauled by a bear.

Calling All Artists!

I can't draw... What? I'm a narrator, not Picasso! However, I would appreciate it greatly if you drew a scene in the story, and you can either put it on the Talk page, Here: MovieReviews98, or just add a gallery here yourself! It would be greatly appreaciated and, credit will be given if possible, not only on the picture caption, but in the story credits as well! If you want to draw a character walking in the woods, or drinking from the lake, that's fine, just don't draw something that obviously didn't happen. If you want to draw something minor that's rarely mentioned, like a character hunting or Candace looking after Gretchen, I'm fine with that. Also, if you're not sure about drawing a scene you got in your mind, ASK ME HERE: MovieReviews98. I'll help you out with ideas! :D Have Fun!!!

Behind the Scenes with the Author!

Hey guys, if you didn't recognize me from ALL the self advertisements, I'm MovieReviews98, and I thought I'd do something fun, just to end off the story, because the ending was kinda depressing, but oh well. Now, what exactly will I be doing here? Simple, I'll be talking about deleted scenes, the controversial moments, and just do anything random that you guys suggest! So, without any furthur ado, let's get started...

Deleted Scenes

If you read the Trivia section, you'll already know about Vanessa's death being planned for Buford, but I got tons of others. Here are a few of them:

  • The ending, where Baljeet turns a gun on himself was originally supposed to go something along the lines of "Stacy wins, and a sequel's coming soon, using 23 original characters against Stacy in the exact same event!", but I felt that was a little too predictable.
  • Thor was originally supposed to jump off a tree to commit suicide, but I changed it to him taking Gretchen hostage.
  • The final fight originally had Candace and Stacy, but I even suprised myself by turning Baljeet against them all.
  • The Final Fight was added pretty much to make the final death more epic.
  • An original nomination for the Hunger Games was Norm, but I changed it because it because it was a stupid idea.

Anything there suprise you? I hope it did. Now, because I'm cool, I shall have a Q&A. WITH MYSELF! Tomorrow. *Runs away laughing*


Q: How long did it take to write this story?

A: About 3 weeks, including thinking of ideas.

Q: I don't understand the ending. Can you explain it?

A: The TV show creators, instead of just reviving the contestants and showing Danville they're weak, they cloned the bodies, and revived the clones, but the clones had no knowledge of anything after the TV movie. They did this to fix the mistake of killing off the cast before knowing of the fan outcry for a third season.

Q: Where did you get the "Interactive" idea?

A: I know a few stories, both older and newer, had an interactive spin, and I decided to give it a try.

Q: Are you planning to write more stories?

A: No.

Q: Why'd you kill off characters like Jeremy and Phineas earlier then some filler characters?

A: Well, I thought it would add an unpredictable nature to it. Also, Obsessive Fangirl deserves to have her own page. :P

Q: Are you going to do any drawings for the story?

A: I can't draw, but hopefully I get a few volunteers. :)

And that's all the questions I can do for now. 


The P&F Hunger Games was popular in its release, as well as its run which lasted about a month. It was considered "Excellent" by some users, but "Ridiculous" and "Laughable" by others. 


The P&F Hunger Games was the first, and remains the only interactive stories on the wiki.


MovieReviews98 is a one hit wonder as far as stories go. This was his only finished and released story to date. 


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