Two boys named Phineas and Ferb, living in a boring suburban town, discover a wishing rock that creates many insane adventures, and help their neighborhood friends. They've created a romatic cruise to impress the cute girl at school, a boxing ring to challenge the neighborhood bully, and even made a portal to Mars as their friend's science project. Meanwhile their prima dona sister Candace tries to steal the rock to get herself in the laps of luxury, and she's not afraid to fight for it.

Diffrence from Original

Phineas and Ferb's personalities are slightly altered, Phineas is fun-loving yet self-absorbed, who creates adventures to show off to the neighborhood kids, while Ferb is a by-the-book spoil sport who is a reluctant helper in Phineas' schemes, and vainly tries to warn of every danger to him, also Ferb talks more often. While Phineas and Ferb build their inventions in the original series, they simply create them using the wishing rock in this series. Candace has hidden love for her brothers that shows when Phineas and Ferb are in danger in the original, while this Candace doesn't care of Phineas and Ferb's losses whatsoever. Also Jeremy doesn't appear in this series. Isabella is shown as Phineas' crush rather than him being her's.

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