The Land of Odd is a place that takes place in the real episode, The Wizard of Odd.

In the Real Series

The Land of Odd first appears in the Wizard of Odd. The only places seen in the land is,

  • Patchkin-Land - An area where Patchkins live.
  • Candy Forest - A forest made of candy.
  • Ice Cream Canyon - A canyon made out of frozen desserts.
  • Dark Forest - A scary forest filled with leafless and branchless trees who talk and spit saliva. Living here is Stacy Owl and Lion-Tiger-Bear Guy.

In Fan Series

Disney's Perry the Platypus (Agent P)

The Land of Odd appears in 3 confirmed episodes. The Wizard of Odd Redux, The Adventures of Odd, and Odd For You and Me. The Wizard of Odd Redux features a new city named the Diamond City. It's based on the famous place in Oz, the Emerald City.

Little Phineas and Ferb

It is revaled that after Candace saw the movie she fell asleep and dreams she is Dorthoy Flynn (Gale) adn winds up in Odd

Good Luck Haily

When Patrica vists there in a dream Alice Quenbe is the wicked witch insted of Doosenshimitz,Molly Collipopins is the younger witch,Florence is the good witch,Haily is a scare crowette,Jercia is a tree,Bradnie is a Lioness-Tigress-bear,and Phineas is the wizard.Bustopolis is also replaced with Ruby City and there's new chacthers added like the Meadowkins (The Firefly boys)

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