Phineas and Ferb wonder what they should do today, when Baljeet comes telling them that Mishti is coming over for a date, but Buford has promised that he would embarrass him in front of her. Phineas decides that they will make a formula that will make Baljeet stronger, so he can scare off Buford and impress Mishti. When Baljeet drinks the potion it has no effect, Phineas says it will take a few minutes, but Baljeet can't wait. He drinks the whole supply they made even though Phineas advises against it. Baljeet starts to get ten times stronger than the desired result, but also reverts in intellect, and also seems to only know anger. He runs off to Bufords front yard, when Baljeet tries to attack him Phineas and Ferb distract him with their old remote control baseball. Phineas, Ferb and Buford, get on their bikes and run, with Baljeet right behind them. They manage to hide in Phineas and Ferb's basement where they whip up a cure for Baljeet. They run to confront Baljeet once more and pass Mishti along the way. Baljeet is tearing up the city looking for Buford. When Phineas, Ferb and Buford arrive, Baljeet proves to much for them, until Mishti arrives and calms him down. She says that she likes Baljeet not for his strength but because he's a sensitive soul. Baljeet picks up the cure, drinks it, and shrinks back down. Phineas complains about how that was anti-climactic. Baljeet thanks Mishti for saving him and they almost kiss until Buford gives him a wedgie.

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