Brittany's lipstick color turns out to be gold, not orange. When Brittany tried to take it off, it is stuck on her lips and she tells Phineas and Ferb what is the perfect idea to take off gold lipstick off your lips. Doofenshmirtz tries to send lots of fanmails to Brittany after he failed to send fanmails on his website.

Running Gags

The Too Young

Phineas: Are you sure you are allergic to carrots and wine?

Brittany: YES, YES I AM!

Ferb's Line

Ferb: Sister, do you want to keep the pillow with the lipstick mark on it? It will stay there forever!

Brittany: Yes, bro.

Whatcha' Doin'

None, Isabella appeared as a cameo only

New Running Gag: Brittany's Outfit Brag

Brittany: Did this gold metallic leotard match with my stuck lipstick?

Phineas: Yes. Wait, did you just say STUCK?

Brittany: Yep.


  • It is revealed that Brittany is allergic to carrots and wine, similar to Candace's allergy to parsnips and dairy, because of her saying: "Carrot soup? Yuck! I'm just allergic to carrots!"
  • The perfect way to get rid of golden lipsticks is to kiss a pillow with the person's allergy on its sides stuck.
  • I was the one who created this page(CBChi's new name is SCSparki), and I haven't registered.

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