The Follies are a group of girls which are commitedly following the Fireside Girls and Loveside Girls. In affection, they appeared in 21 episodes and future in the next season.

Group Members

There is a total of seven girls like the Fireside and Loveside. Instead they are different.

Mary Avalon is the leader of the Follies. She is the butler of Charina Donovan.

Narissa Phillips is one member who participated in the Annual Extravaganza Race.

Sharlena James was the twin sister of Rinia(who is not a member of the Follies)

Seattle Shilton is a super good girl who is a spoof of Paris Hilton. Her best friend Stella is a heiress like

Isabella, Chira, Charina, Nova, and Kari.

Lila, Siernna and Claudia Mason are triplets and are Sara Mason's younger sisters.

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