The Fireside Foundation is a charity webshow that gathers evicence that the Fireside girls are wayyyyyy too risky.


Fireside girls troop 46231

  • Isabella Garcia-Sharpio: The Troop leader who is Hispanic and Phineas from the Firefly boy's girlfriend.
  • Adyson Sweetwater: The Fireside Girl who has straight brown hair, green eyes, and a red headband.She wears a sleeveless uniform with a split in the collar and sides at the bottom
  • Gretchen Franzkie: The Fireside girl with the short borwn hair,glasses, blue eyes, and wears a uniform with a red belt around the skirt
  • Ginger Hirano: Stacy's little sister and the Japnense-Amercian Fireside girl with the straight black hair, brown eyes, and her uniform has a red collar and cuffs.
  • Holly Adams: The Afrcian-Amercian Fireside girl two puffy pigtails, brown eyes, and her uniform has a red collar and two small splits at the sides. In some episodes, Holly has two small buck teeth. However, in other episodes, the teeth are not visible.
  • Katie Cooper: The blonde Fireside girl with green eyes,light skin,and a uniform with a red collar and Lellie Kelly type shoes.
  • Milly Talico: The Fireside girl with with curly brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, and a yellow bow.Her uniform has a red collar and a red circular pattern on the sleeves and the bottom.
  • Patrica and Forence Verlean:The Verlean sisters and the Fireside girls withhot pink and purple
  • Juliet Kingston: The Fireside girl with the long blonde hair,blue eyes, and with a red watch on her left arm. She wears a red turnover collar and cuffs in her uniform.
  • Amy Baxter: Ben Baxter's daughter and the Fireside girl with brown hair in a ponytail, green eyes, and with ear-rings. She wears a red collar and a dark brown belt with a red buckle on her skirt of her uniform.
  • Mellisa Thompson;the youngest Fireside girl of all who wears who has blond hair with pig-tails, light blue eyes and with freckles. She wears a red belt, pleats on her skirt and black shoes in her uniform
  • Agnes Singer: The newest Fireside girl who has red hair, mint green eyes, and her uniform resmbles a pinafore.
  • Molly Collipopins:The oldest who poses as a 7-year old girl she's also the only Fireside girl without a male counterpart

Firefly boys troop 57342

  • Issac Grand-Maria:The troop leader and counterpart to Isabella who has a crush on Patrica of The Fireside girls.His berret is also replaced with a cap
  • Phineas Flynn:Isabella's boyfriend ant the Firefly boy with the uniform with pale stripes on his shirt and pockets on his pants.He's also the counterpart to Patrica
  • Ferb Fletcher:Phineas' step-brother and the Firefly boy with a button on his shirt and his pants looks like his normal clothers.He's also the Firefly counterpart to Florence
  • Aaron Sugarwell:The Firefly boy counterpart to Adyson
  • Gerland Francis:the Firefly boy counterpart to Gretchen and Florence's boyfriend.
  • Gangal Hiwon:Stanley's younger brother and the Firefly counterpart to Ginger
  • Holland Adkin:the Firefly counterpart to Holly
  • Kat Calico:The Firefly counterpart to Katie who he has a huge crush on and as a running gag is always flirting with her.
  • Manny Talino:The Firefly counterpart to Milly
  • Juilen Kennan:the Firelfy counterpart to Juilet
  • Amit Backgrass:The Firefly counterpart to Amy
  • Mel Totops:The Firefly counterpart to Mellisa
  • Angin Zanger:Anges' boyfriend and her Firefly counterpart

Waterfront girls troop 13264

Comeing soon

Episodes So Far

  • Episode 1:Why the Fireside girl are too extreme-

This is a slideshow with images of the most dangerouse things the Fireside girls did.For example running with the bulls

  • Episode 2:Fireside girl causal wear contest-

This is an intro for a contest which so far has no entries.

  • Fireside girls Patch apptempt #1:The Hunting Patch-

The Fireside girls are trying to earn the hunting patch by hunting wolves with Adyson & Holly doing the distraction then they wind up getting chased and the patch is banned

  • Episode 3:The Fireside girls get busted

After being found by the cops The Fireside girls are arrested for trespassing the old abanoed;Old Aboaned ausment park,Poaching the last,and worse of all driving a van when their all under 16 and taken to Young Al Capone.And they must try to escape

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