Our gang is still being chased by the FBI. "Where to now?" asked Isabella, who was feeling home sick. "I dunno. San Diego?" said Phineas. "OK!" Isabella replied. So our gang rushes to San Diego. After 3 hours of running, Buford whines like a little baby. "I'm thirsty!" complained Buford. "Hey! There's a McRonald's over there." said Phineas. "Maybe we can get some soda for each other. Who's got money?" said Phineas. Everyone shook their head. "Darn!" cried Phineas. "Anyways, RUN!!!" But they couldn't. They got caught!! "We've got you now!" bellowed Maurice. Isabella and Phineas were sent to a dungeon while the three other boys sat on a rock, waiting. "I'm tired." cried Baljeet. "Well, so am I!" said Buford. "Let's go rest." said Ferb.

To be continued...

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