Phineas, Ferb, and their friends were now in Colorado. Until, Buford realized something. "Tornado!!!" he shouted. "To New York City?" asked Baljeet. "OK!" Phineas shouted back. "Now run!" Maurice the general was smiling. "Fooled them." he snickered. "Ah..." sighed Ferb when they arrived, but then realized how busy the steets were. "Hey! The streets are busy!" said Isabella. "That means that tough general guy can't catch us." Phineas smiled. "Yes!" he said. But they got caught. By the New York City Police. Everyone gulped. "They're just kids." whispered a female officer to the male one. "OK, you are NOT under arrest." he said. "Phew." the kids sighed. Just then, NYC FBI copters surrounded them. "Nice..." muttered Baljeet. "Just great..." muttered Buford. "HALT!" commanded an FBI person.

To be continued in the all-new series sequel The Chase is in the Middle.

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