"HALT!" commanded the FBI leader, Maurice. Phineas and Ferb looked at each other. "You'll never take MY brothers!" Candace shouted to Maurice. "OK... how about you say good-bye to your..." Before he could finish, they were at Buford's house. Then Isabella's. Then Baljeet's and then Django's. "Okay, let's all make the FBI chase us." said Phineas. "I'm not doing this." said Django. "OK, bye." said Baljeet. Phineas looked cross at Django as he left. "Okay, RUN!!!!" shouted Phineas. The kids ran. "Oh no he didn't!" said Maurice. "Get them!" After 2hours, they found themselves at Cedar Pointe. "Let's ride a rollercoaster!" suggested Buford. "No.." replied Isabella. "I know!" said Ferb. "RUN!!!!" They ran. "Hey! Where are they?" wondered Maurice. "Let's get 'em still!" The helicopters trailed behind them. "There's not much time!" shouted Baljeet. "They're gaining on us!" Isabella stopped. "Welcome to Nebraska?!?" Isabella read. "That was fast." said Phineas. "Too fast." added Ferb. "Hey! Doesn't your Aunt Ruth live here?" asked Buford. "Yes." said Phineas. "But let's see if we can run to Colorado! Everyone! Hurry!" They hurried to Colorado.

To be continued...

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