Phineas and Ferb decided to do nothing again. But then, a letter came. "Ferb, look at this!" said Phineas. He frowned. "It says, the FBI is after us because of our inventions!" Ferb shivered with fear. "We need to escape!" Then, Candace came to the backyard. "Why are you escaping?" asked Candace. "The FBI is after us!" replied Phineas in a worried tone. Then, Candace thought of something that might cheer Phineas up. So... she went across the street and snuck into Isabella's pool. Just then, Pinky was barking at Candace. "Go away." said Candace. "I said go away!" Then, a neighbor's cat hissed at Pinky. Pinky chased it. TThen, Isabella came out. "Candace? What are YOU doing here?" she asked. *Cricket, cricket* Then, Pinky came back. "What are you here for? Grilled cheese?" asked Isabella. "Um... Yes!" replied Candace. "To cheer up Phineas!" Candace dashed inside for the sandwiches. "CANDACE!!!!!!" screamed Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro. She paused and smiled. "You have grown ta..." "ALRIGHT ALL READY WITH MY HEIGHT!!!!" hollered Candace. Then, she snuck a sandwich. She ran across the street. "Here's a grilled cheese." said Candace. "Goodie!" cried Phineas. Then, helicopters surronded them. "Uh-oh." muttered Candace.

To be continued...

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