Candace Scrooge is a grumpy teenage moneylender who hates Christmas. The ghost of her former partner and boyfriend, Jeremy Marley, tries to change her ways by sending three Christmas spirits to teach her what Christmas means.


Ebenezer Scrooge / Candace

Bob Cratchit / Stacy

Jacob Marley / Jeremy

The Ghost of Christmas Past / Isabella

The Ghost of Christmas Present / Phineas

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come / Ferb



transcipipt here in the candace carol transcript

"Whatcha Doin'?" Line

Isabella (offscreen): Whatcha' doin'?


"Too Young" Line

Candace: Is every ghost pint-sized!?

Phineas: Yes, yes they are.

Ferb's Line

Candace: Tell me spirit, are these the shadow of things that will be, or the shadow of things that may be?

Ferb: ... could you repeat the question?

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