The Campfire Girls are dream versions of Isabella (Ulileama), Adyson (Aura), Gretchen (Eaglet), Milly (Erin), and Ginger (Terra) who are 1 of the 2 notable troops in Wonderland. They met Alice (Patricia) after Aura found her in the sewers so she accompanies them, but then there is a huge wave that wipes them all out. Then all the members are arrested for knowing her and thrown 100 years in the dungeon; however, after, they are seen freed at the concert at the end.


Image Name Real-world counterpart Species
Ulileama Cucullatus-Raphus (troop leader) Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Dodo bird
Aura Flavorfull Adyson Sweetwater Mouse
Eaglet Gretchen same as name
Chrio P. Terra "Terra/Tara" Ginger Bat
Erin A. Ceaine Milly Hedgehog

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