"The Beginning Of The End" is a story based on Kittyfire's original story, Brother, Meet Sister. Instead of our favorite stepbrothers, it's the story of Ferb Fletcher and his wife, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - Fletcher. Phineas Flynn marries Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - Flynn and they have 3 kids, Adrian, Julia, and Lynnette, based on Disneygirl's story, Phineas and Ferb: A New Beginning Who Ferb gets paired up with has been altered to fit the author/editor's appeal. The summary of the story is that Ferb and Vanessa get married and have 2 kids, David (Davy) and Lilly. David is like Ferb in the physical way. He has the green spiky hair with some brown on the tips, but he has Vanessa's personality. He has 1 disability- he's mute. Guess Ferb should have talked a little more, right? He wears black all the time and he's really sensitive. He's the older brother of Lilly, who looks just like Vanessa- physically. She has the same long brown hair. But her personality is like her Uncle Phineas. And her clothes, unlike her mother, are like her father's. Instead of purple pants, she wears pink pants. Even though she's the little sister of Davy, she has to help him with his disability with others and his sensitivity. Edits for this story will be done by Kittyfire only. Don't worry, she'll get to it soon. As soon as she gets done with the family photo.... which will be very late. Bleh.

Au revoir!

~Kittyfire My World 23:58, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

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