The All Nighters is a shop that Phineas and Ferb open to try to see who can stay up all night. Cadence tries busting them, but is too tired. Isabella and the Fireside Girls come, but they too cannot stay up and fall asleep. Around 5:00 am it is just Phineas and Ferb left standing. Ferb being a little drowsy can't stay awake and falls asleep. Phineas thus wins and says "Oh there you are Perry!" and then falls asleep. Doofenshmirtz has made a 'Stay up all night ray-inator' so he could visit The All Nighters, but Perry reversed it and made it a 'Fall Asleep Now Ray-inator'. So he made Doofenshmirtz sleep and went home so he could get some sleep too. Someone then wakes Phineas and Ferb up and asks if they can have The All Nighters. Phineas of course says, "Yes, we have had our fun... now may we go back to sleep?" Perry decides to sneak off and sleep over at Doofenshmirtz for tomorrows battle.


These are quotes from the episode.

Too Young Line

  • "Aren't you too young to stay up all night?" Linda
    • "Yes, yes we are." Phineas replied.
  • "Aren't you too young to be this sleepy?" Phineas asks
    • "No, no I am not." Ferb replied.

Isabella's Catchphrase

  • "Hey Phineas... Whatcha..." Isabella before she falls asleep.

Ferb Lines

  • "I challenge you to staying up all night!"
  • "I will not lose to you!"
  • "Hey is that a chicken with a pillow in pajamas?"
  • "No, no I am not."

Agents Seen


  • The All Night Song
  • Lulaby for You


  • The All Nighters is the name of the shop and episode.
  • Jeremy was not seen in this episode.
  • On I used to make this, so I have restarted and this is the new P&F by Phineasking12 (Theben).

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