the 2 new students is a fanfic written by user madjuan. the 2 new students tells the story when phineas and ferb go to madjuan's school, and have to deal with madjuan's mortal enemy, leroy. it was written and published on by madjuan. this is the first installent of the 2 new students series by madjuan.


the fanfic starts when madjuan wakes up and goes to school. he is then greeted by his two best friends, marc, and christian (although, madjuan calls him chicken all the way through the fic). they then meet phineas and ferb in U.S history for first period. however, it is reveiled at the e nd of chapter 2, that madjuan's mortal enemy, leroy is hot on there trail. then madjuan meets isabella, buford and baljeet. then, another enemy of madjuan's, caitlin, trys to destory him durring his woodworking period. she kills herself and leroy keeps trying to get phineas to be his friend. leroy kidnaps phineas and brainwashes him to make leroy his friend, and vice-virsa. madjuan and ferb then learn about this, and the two skydive into school to rescue phineas.however, madjuan is almost killed, because his parachute fails to open. he gets to the ground safly, but phineas is brainwashed. madjuan then talks to his love intrest, dawn, about phineas. she tells him how to get phineas back to normal. madjuan, and his friends sing moneytalks to leroy and phineas, which gets phineas back to normal. the stage collapses and phineas saves isabella from being crushed to death. they become boyfriend and girlfriend. leroy gets detension at the end of the story.


  • the new students
  • spanish class
  • leroy's confrontation
  • math, lunch, and a new best friend
  • the big battle with caitlin
  • acellus with mr. monks
  • english class and the kidnapping
  • skydiving into school
  • my best friend, now my worst enemy
  • moneytalks, bs walks!
  • epilogue

External Links the 2 new students at archive of our own

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