Terry the Tyrannosaurus
[[File:Agent T|200px]]
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Born: Cretaceous period
Nemesis: Kevin Destructicon
Professional Information
  Secret Agent
Major: Major Monogram
  The O.W.C.A.
Friends and Family
Kiki the Fox
Henry the Tyrannosaurus and Sally the Fox
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Phineas and Ferb the movie
Voiced by:
Frank Welker
[[File:Terry's Pet mode|200px]]
Pet Mode

Terry the Tyrannosaurus or Agent T. works in Major Monogram's division in The O.W.C.A. His nemesis is the Professor Kevin Destructicon. Terry's cover family are the Rai's, in which he resides, with Spiny and Tank. His owner is Baljeet, in a similar way to Perry having Phineas and Ferb as owners.


In an O.W.C.A. base Terry and Black Tyrannosaurus came for help, and the agency recruits them. Some time later Terry
Terry the Tyrannosaurus

Secret Agent Terry

has graduated from the academy with Black Tyrannosaurus and their first mission was to defuse a nuclear bomb of Russia. Years Later, Kiki and Perry were sent by Major Monogram to stop Mr. Mercenary and his Ninjabots but he captures them and Major Monogram sends Terry and Black Tyrannosaurus to help them, Terry rescues Kiki and Perry, and Black Tyrannosaurus defeats all the Ninjabots. After her rescue, Kiki falls in love with Terry. Some time later Terry was adopted by the Rai family and their pets Spiny and Tank, and after that Terry was assigned to fight the Professor Kevin Destructicon.
Black Tyrannosaurus

Terry's Black T-Rex


  • Dinolaster
  • Dinocards
  • Move Cards
  • Tyrannoholder
  • Hat-Tool 3000
  • Black Tyrannosaurus
  • Shadowholder
  • T.H.C. (Tyranno Hovercraft Car)




Kiki the Fox

Terry's love interest. He falls in love with her after he saves her from a ninja attack.

Kevin Destructicon

Terry's Nemesis, he is a mad scientist whose plans has foiled by Terry.

Black Tyrannosaurus

Terry's best friend in all his life before he was adopted by the Rai family. he helps him in all his missions.


Terry's Partner is a Spinosaurus who helps Tank in his experiments.


Terry's Partner is an intelligent and talking saichania who likes science and help his owner to study.

Baljeet Rai

Terry's Owner is a guy who loves education, studying and math problems.

Major Monogram

Terry's Boss likes to make jokes with all the agents and Carl.

Perry the Platypus

Terry's Friend, they become friends when Terry saves him and Kiki from a ninja attack.



Terry's Boss

"Professor Destructiticon : Curse you Terry the Tyrannosaurus!"
-Terry : Ruaaaaaaar!

'Ooh, Terryyy the diinoosa-ur!!

Terry: Grrrrrr....'

the she die.

Kiki: Grrrrrrrrrrr. (You are incredible!)

Terry: Grrrrrrrrrrr. (Thanks.)

Perry the ill Platypus

In this episode Major Monogram assigns Terry to fight Doofenshmirtz while Perry is ill.