Terrence Lyndon"Terry" Merynn is the younger brother of April and Phineas' counterpart. He is Hermes' second counterpart. Terry and his bro Mike was overcountly need to be busted by April. April was not spoofy so Terry called her "Unspoofy Pie" which upsetly little angers April. Belinda likes Terry more than unspoofy April.


April Merynn

Terry was the younger brother and a busted friend of April.

Mike Flerkeer

Terry was not goof laugh on Mike.

Nova Santera

He possibly has a crush and grows love on Nova.

Phineas,Ferb,Candace and Team, Isabella,Baljeet, Buford,Adyson and Mishti

He was possible close friends with them.

Borgeete and Brover

He was a close friendly with them.

Rest of The Fireside Girls(Adyson not included)

He was a cousin-friend-in-law of the 5 fireside girls.

Risen to Counterpart Team

Terry and Mike made a machine to do superpowers.

Relationships with Nova

Terry has a date with Nova after she touched Phineas and Hermes' lovebird. When Terry and Nova grew older, they have 4 children:

  • Bart Merynn
  • Jessie Merynn
  • Lynne Merynn
  • Seth Merynn

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