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First Appearance

Phineas and Ferb episode Out of Toon

This new Phineas and Ferb spin-off is based upon the PandF episode "Out of Toon". It's made like Phineas and Ferb are CREATING the show, not in it. It's bacisally like 'Out of Toon" but they just make it a full episode.

Each episode starts of with Phineas introuducing the episode's name and idea.

Main characters and their superheroes

Note: The characters listed below are playing their superhero. Also, their superhero looks (kind of) like them.


Phineas as Multiman/The Beak

Ferb as Ferb Guy

Isabella as The Rainbow/Princess Arcenciel

Adam as Action Man

Baljeet as Hanumanman

Buford as Belch Man

Nicole as Firegirl

Nicole as Firegirl

Emily as Sweetbeat

Perry as Agent P

Kiki as Agent K


Candace as Control Freak (formerly), Rebel Rouge (currently, now a hero)

Stacy as Sadacy (formerly), Shopping Spree (currently, now a hero)

Heinz Doofenshmirtz as Dr. D/Doof-Inator/(Became good as of Team Doofenshmirtz)

Mr.Kat as Dark Kat

Brendan as Mr. B

Dave as Bum Drum


Dirty Matt as The Machete

Papa Chris as Greed Master

Team Intolerable:

Thaddeus as Dupli-Man

Thor as Thor-Guy

Jessebel as The Shadow

Vijay as Ramu-Man

Ben as Burp-Man

Recurring Characters


Goldfish as IdiotDude

Dill as AviaFreak (He is best friends with Multiman/The Beak)

Irving as Fan-Guy (Tags along with Phineas and Ferb sometimes, he is not included to have an anime-based body)

Marissa as Avain-'Girl' (Helps out when she's visiting)

Genesis as Princess Odyssey (She is the princess of The Tree Of Armorine)

Miyako as Geiruma-shi (A geisha-inspired superhero)


Team Inproataettes

A team of the 6 Phineas and Ferb look-alike girl/boys.P.S. hope you don't mind if I turn Phinelle and Ferbette evil I thought they would be good as 2 girls imporsanting the Phinettes


Patrica as Sunshine/Yellowballerina(The Rainbow's rival)

Florence as Flower-Girl

Issac as Raincloud

Baily as Halla-Woman

Brenda as Tuff-Girl

Buttons as Agent R

Team Inproataettes' villains

Phinelle as Catgirl (the Sunshine imposter)

Ferbette as the Thinker (the Flower-girl imposter)

Joanne as Darkness

Maria as Weed-Girl

Tisak as Evapor-Cloud

Haley as Malla-Girl

Wenda as Strength-Gal

Dennis as Agent D

Emile as Da Lover

Team Fireside

The Fireside Girls also beacame superheroes. The team leader is now Gretchen, due to that Isabella are on Team Improbable. Many of their superpowers are all element related.

Gretchen as Iris Blaze

Holly as Aquashine
Tidal Wave

Holly in super hero form as Spring Water.

Katie as Flora Soldier

Milly as Cloudburst

Ginger as Psynoppera

Adyson as Cryokinetia

Team Richie Cute

Kara as Flame Queen

Ronnie as Whirlpool

Kylie as Eco Green

Allie as Unsmokalicious

Team Waterfront

the rivals of Team Fireside

Gwyneth as Boltrica

Molly as Burnique

Sadie as Galaxia Girl

Tilly as Dust Bunny

Regina as Clue-Lesque (confusion)

Madison as Heathella (heat)

Kerie as Domino(sidekick of the team)

Team Flameflare

assicoates to Team Waterfront

Bess as Flame-woman (fire)

Frances as Liquid-Gal (water)

Lottie as The Holocauster (arson)

Jamie as The Black Hole (space)

Nellie as Speck-Girl (specks)

Dargal as Stumper (clueless-ness)

Dallas as Viper-woman (heat)

Team Future

(Sceduled for spin off)

Mathew:Black Bandana(one of those gaget heros)

Steve:Macha-Hands(grows machines like Rex from Generator Rex, only he builds it, not grow it)

Rachel:Multibow(creates clones that turns into rainbows when damaged, makes rainbow disks)

Alicia:Queen Liquidia(controlls all liquid from water to molten uranium to lava)

???(One of Ferb's kid):Ryan(turns into the giant, Nemean lion)

The Beak(AI):When the hunterbots came to Danvil to kidnap the kids, the brothers created an AI that will protect the kids

Team BrotherSaurs

Is a team of Super Villains Dinosaurs but this time the Leader is Tankchania (Tank) their evil plan is capture all the humanity and take the world.

  • Tank as Tankchania (Team Leader)
  • Spiny as Spinysaur
  • Sucho as Suchoraptor
  • Ankylo as Mutantkylosaurus
  • Dapli as Dr. Daspletosaurus
  • Unnamed Diceratops as Dark Horns

Team SuperSaurs

This team of Super Heroes Dinosaurs is directed by Ultrasaurus (Terry) to stop the evil plans of the Team BrotherSaurs and save the world.

  • Terry as Ultrasaurus (Team Leader)
  • Unnamed Triceratops as Ligth Horns
  • Unnamed Acrocanthosaurus as Firecrocanthosaurus
  • Unnamed Stegosaurus as Rockstegosaurus
  • Unnamed Fukisaur as Rapidsaur
  • Unnamed Pachicephlosaurus as Iron Dinosaur
  • Unnamed Therizinosaurus as Dupli Saurus

Team Random

Just a random superhero team, not much of a big deal.

Daisy as StormGirl (weather and storms.....mostly storms) (Mega Super Form is NimbusTamer)

Didi as Hippie-Girl (peace!) (Mega Super Form is TotalPax)

Matt as People-Person (Doesn't really have superpowers, just gets dragged along by other team members) (Mega Super Form is MegaMatt)

Eric as Reverse-Guy (Reverse engineering) (Mega Super Form is The-Engineer)

Freddy as SoccerDude (Soccer...of course!) (Mega Super Form is Pele's Wrath)

Clara as Speed Demonette (Racing) (Mega Super Form is Speeding Meteorite)

Team Scuba

the first two man team here

Anthony Janero as The Guardian (Armor developed by Phineas and Ferb)

Ron Manchalix as Tracker (Superior Hacking and Computer Knowledge)

Team Doofenshmirtz

For reasons unknown Good and Evil colide in this awsome team! (To do what? Fight eachouther?)

Dr. Doofenshmirtz as Doof-inator

Major Monogram as Monobrow

Carl as Intern-Lad

Vanessa as Heavy-Metal

Alice as The Spying Shadow

Team Stylish Girls

Lilly Hayworth as Aqua-Flama Girl

Juliana Cyrus as Water Vortex

Mary Wood as Shades( A Spirit)

Amy Smith as Beauty(a Light Elf)

Chelsea Crawford as Andromeda(The Star Princess)

Cherry Williams as The Honey Bee(Princess of Bees)

''''''' '''''''


  • The orignal opening from "Out of Toon" is used for the first 10 episodes, but the next episodes use a new opening.
  • The Rise of Team Intolerable marks the first apperance of Team Intolerable.
  • Team Random usually just makes appearances in the background, but when they do have a large role in the series, they usually use a lot of their powers at once.
  • Since there will also be a Japanese language, there are lots of Japanese names the teams get.
  • In this case, Didi/Hippie-Girl talks mostly Japanese in this series, probably because her voice actress was on another project at the time.
  • This page is originally used for Zacbio's own use, but we decided to have him to make us edit, so current, only unregistered contributors won't edit this page.

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