Gender: Male
Age: 11
Born: Jurassic period
Friends and Family
Spiny and Terry
Eliza Fletcher
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Phineas and Ferb the movie
Voiced by:
John DiMagio

Tank is a talking and intelligent Saichania for see a incredible power this power has trapped in Tank's brain after one lightning hit him and turned in a intelligent saichania.Tank lives in the Rai's house with Terry the Tyrannosaurus , Spiny and his owner Baljeet . Tank it happens several ideas every day.Tank's likes the Hot Dogs.


  • Lionbot
  • Spinydroids
  • Tankbots
  • and More

Relationship with Eliza

One day Tank helps Phineas and Ferb when he saw for very first time a pretty british teenager, Phineas told him who she is a Ferb's cousin of england and her name is Eliza. one day he invites her to a restaurant an they relationship has begin



  • He is interested in studiying Phinebella Effect

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