Amy and Isabella create strawberrylates and install them to their cappuccinos so that they will make Strawberry Cappuccinos. Perry decided to make a Strawberry-inator to help Doof make strawberry designs on all of Amy's clothes.

Plot Summary

Isabella was in the room, slicing chocolates in the kitchenette. Amy smelled them. She said they had to make strawberrylates. Perry got an idea and went to their TV to enter the lair. He then went to Doof, who was making a Strawberry-Inator! He said he wants to put many strawberry designs on ALL of Amy's clothes.


Running Gags

The "Too Young" Line

Beatrice: Mmmm... Cool.

Amy: Oh! Do put it in the freezer!

Beatrice: Yes. Yes I Will.

Ferb's Line

Phineas: Mmmm! Sweet Strawberry Cappuccinos! Where did you ge-(Ferb shuts his mouth)

Ferb: Hey! I hate strawberrylates!

Phineas: Where did you get this cappuccino from? Smells tasty!

Perry's Entrance To His Lair

He used Amy and Isabella's Apple TV to enter the lair.

Background Information

  • Strawberrylates are opposites of chocolates. This is confirmed that Ferb hates them because of the smell.
  • Goof: Ferb said "Hey! I hate strawberrylates!" but he is British. It could be confirmed that he had to say dislike.
  • Amy mentioned Tess Anteroue. She will appear next episode.

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