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one day jeremy thinks suzy needs a haircut, when suzy got her haircut, candace comes to check on jeremy, but suzy interupts candace telling her that suzy doesn,t deserve to be candace,s nemisis anymore, so she made candace jeremy,s favorite girl now, except later, isabella, timon, and pumbaa come to see candace, jeremy also thinks candace would like a haircut too, but when candace gets her new look, timon rushes up to candace he kisses her in the hand while isabella and pumbaa, place a crown on her head. while perry is on a mission to stop doofenshmirtz from destroying people,s hair into bad haircuts, while finally, doof see,s candace and picks her up and pushes her, when jeremy and suzy, see what had happend jeremy and suzy rush over to pick up candace, candace,s crown fell timon and pumbaa rush over to pick it up and placed it back on candace,s head, again, suzy warns doofenshmirtz to stay away from candace and jeremy, but then suzy kicks doof, and asks perry to take him to jail, so he did, later,           phineas, ferb, linda, and lawrence arrive to see candace,s new look isabella tells phineas that candace will always be his favorite sister, timon tells pumbaa to give candace a high five, so they did, so they all lived happily ever after, The End,

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