Season 35 Airing Date(USA) Time (USA)
Guitarist Fanatic January 10th,2042 9 PM
Ferb and the Printer Jam January 10th,2042 9 PM
Wormy Worm-Worm Febuary 15th,2042 8 PM
Stand by-Checking Your Underwear March 1st,2042 10 PM
Ooh,I'm on a Distinct Planet Called Earth! March 30th,2042 7 PM
Squiggles/Phineas and Ferb's Wonder Palooza April 15th,2042 6 PM
Bad Doofenshimrtz,Bad,Bad Doofenshimrtz! /Boom! April 30th,2042 7 AM
I can't Understand You;Your talking in Alien! /Skull Says... May 10th,2042 9 PM
Phineas and Ferb Top Ten Episodes Cowntdown! May 20th,2042 8 PM
Canadians are Canny! June 1st,2042 6 PM
Blaah Blaah June 1st,2042 6 PM
Hoot Hoot,I'm an Owl June 15th,2042 11 PM
Big Stick Breaks! June 15th,2042 11 PM
Hello June 29th,2042 9 PM
Phineas and Ferb July 4th Marathon! July 4th,2042 6 PM-10 PM
Spacer Racer Part 1 July 21st,2042 9 PM
Spacer Racer Part 2 July 28th,2042 9 PM
Spacer Racer Part 3 August 5th,2042
9 PM
Spacer Racer Part 4 August 12th,2042 9 PM
Perry,s Birthday! August 18th,2042 8 PM
Spacer Racer Part 5 August 19th,2042
9 PM
Spacer Racer Part 6 August 26th,2042 9 PM
Spacer Racer Part 7 September 2nd,2042 9 PM
Spacer Racer Part 8 September 9th,2042 9 PM
1,2,3-WHAT!? September 16th,2042 9 PM
Phineas and Ferb Monthly Marathon! November 30th,2042 6 PM-12 AM
Phineas and Ferb are on the Case! Well,if there is one. December 30th,2042 9 PM
The Baljeatles make a Comeback January 10th,2043 7 PM
Oh,no January 10th,2043 7 PM
Bash of the Phineases January 23rd,2043 8PM
Fletcher Tv January 23rd,2043 8PM
Cranius Maximus Candacimus January 30th,2043 9PM
Train Mess January 30th,2043 9PM
[[The Big Phintastic and Ferbulous Yearly Marathon February 28th,2043-February 28th,2044 7PM
Season 35 will start on January 10th,2042 and end on February 28th,2044. The season begins with the episode "Guitarist Fanatic" and ends with "The Big Phintastic and Ferbulous Yearly Marathon" for a total of 35 episodes.

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