Season 5 is a season of Phineas and Ferb. It began with "Lies" and ended with "The Sequel of the Princess Monster". The season is sceduled for 60 episodes or more, or less See in last sentence to two of this info. Below you will find a chart on episode airdates and etc. Do not create any pages that say "page dosen't exist." The user, PhinLover will do so. Thank You. (P.S. The link you are going to is a wrong link. Please change the list if you like to.)

Episode Listings

Title Airing Number (in season) Disney XD
Disney Channel
US Airdate
Production Code
Lies 1 October 24, 2010 July 13, 2010
Sun, Surf and Build 2 October 24, 2010 July 13, 2010
The Bad Fever 3 July 16, 2010 March 1, 2011
How to Mix Salt
Milk vs. Juice
Labeling Albert

Phini-sarus Rex

The Mollusk Problem
The Tool Box
Fineas and Ferb
The Dixie Hicks
Tricycle Time
Denis Returns
Austrillan Bongio
The Land Before Phineas
Hockey at Danvile
Beewere: The Bee-Bear
Hide and Seek 2
Pull and Push
Money Thief (Part 1 or 2)
Mr. Flynn
Meal The Heat
Unfair Science Fair 2
Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story) 2
Slam Junk
Nemisis: NOT!
The Mommy
Monogram the Intern
Carl Prankster
Game Not Over
Phineas the King
The Lion, Candace, and The Wardrobe
My Virus Address
Trapped in the Project
Shell Rocked
Lucky Farms
Phinimon The First Episode
Nintendo P&F
The Search for Steve
Floating Lanterns June 15, 2011 July 15, 2011

The Sequel of The Princess Monster

Food World

The Search for Money

Crazy Tracey

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