Sapphire Scorpion is the superhero form of Phineas in Bartman: the Brave and the Bold. He is a spoof of the Silver Age Blue Beetle.


Following the death of his mentor and predecessor as the Sapphire Scorpion,Dennis "the Menace" Mitchell, Phineas Flynn took up the mantle of his fallen friend to honor his memory. Unfortunately, Phineas couldn't get Dennis's scorpion amulet to work for him, so he decided to use his own natural physical prowess and fighting skills to make up for his lack of superpowers. Building a giant scorpion shaped all purpose aircraft called the Arachnid and an arsenal of high-tech weapons, such as the SS gun, which fires high decimal infrasound waves that induce vertigo in it's targets , compressed air, or intense bursts of light, Phineas became the second Sapphire Scorpion. No matter what the odds were, Phineas always came out the victor, even against enemies like the Altos or Lord MonkeyFist. However, Phineas made a fatal mistake by trusting Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz with the scorpion amulet; Doofenshmirtz wanted to use the power of the amulet to help in his plans for world domination. Teaming up with Bartman, Sapphire Scorpion managed to stop Doofenshmirtz's mad plans...but at the cost of his own life, sacrificing himself to stop a missile the madman built. But before the missile exploded, Phineas managed to put the scoprion amulet into the hull of the missile, hoping that it would find it's next host. His successor is a kid named Noah Parker, who, like his predecessor, always comes out the winner in the end. However, a body was never found, so it's possible Phineas is still alive somewhere...


Phineas has no powers, but is a skilled acrobat and a master of hand to hand combat.