Sam (short for Samantha) is one of the Flynn-Fletcher children. She is ten years old. She owns nunchucks, which belonged to her older sister Candace's friend Albert. She likes to hit her younger brother Lewis with them. She is a tomboy, and she despises anything girly. She likes to hang out with the boys in her family.

Physical Appearance

Sam has brown hair that is pulled into pigtails. She wears a gray hat, a blue shirt, and green cargo pants.

Samantha "Sam" Flynn
[[File:Nunchuck Girl|200px]]
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Nemesis: Lewis Flynn, Stacy Hirano, Jeremy Johnson
Professional Information
  Bullying her brother, Stacy Hirano, and Jeremy Johnson
Friends and Family
Linda Flynn, Lawrence Fletcher
Jonathan Flynn-Fletcher, Otto Flynn-Fletcher, Lewis Flynn-Fletcher, Hannah and Lizzy Flynn-Fletcher, Ty Flynn-Fletcher, Micah Flynn-Fletcher
Betty Jo Flynn, Clyde Flynn, Winifred Fletcher, Reginald Fletcher
Pets: Perry the Platypus
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Candace Has Too Many Siblings


Sam is a huge tomboy who despises anything girly. As a result of this, she cannot stand to be around her sisters sometimes, and would rather hang out with her brothers. She shows a mean-streak toward her sister Libby, her brother Lewis, and Candace's friends Stacy and Jeremy. Sam's parents do not like this mean-streak at all.


Candace Flynn

Sam hates Candace's boyfriend Jeremy. She makes schemes to destroy Jeremy, but they just annoy Candace. Jeremy doesn't like her. Sam also doesn't like Candace's friends Jenny and Stacy because she thinks they are too girly. She is friends with Albert, though.

Libby Flynn

They are rivals because Libby is a girly girl and Sam is a tomboy. Libby tries to give Sam makeovers, but Libby refuses. But underneath their misunderstandings, they still love each other.

Ferb Fletcher

Sam likes to hang out with Ferb sometimes.

Phineas Flynn

She hangs out with Phineas, but she hates his friends and his girlfriend. She thinks Isabella is too girly, Buford is gross, Baljeet is a nerd, and Irving is odd. Sam insults Isabella, which annoys Phineas.

Jonathan Flynn-Fletcher

They like sports, so they are very close.

Otto Flynn-Fletcher

See Jonathan. He also participates in Sam's schemes to destroy Jeremy.

Lewis Flynn-Fletcher

They are rivals. Because Lewis is the only one in the family (besides Lawrence) who wears glasses, she tells him that he was adopted, even though he is not. She also makes fun of him for being a stalker. In "Barbeque Extravaganza", they get in a big fight because of Sam's rudeness. Later, Lewis confesses that he hates Sam's "jokes" about being adopted. They apologize to each other and become friends.

Hannah and Lizzy Flynn-Fletcher

They participate in Sam's schemes to destroy Jeremy. They wanted Sam to become a Fireside Girl, but Sam quit because she thought the FG was too girly.

Ty Flynn-Fletcher

They get along, and Ty participates in Sam's schemes to destroy Jeremy.

Micah Flynn-Fletcher

They get along.



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