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This is the fourth (last) chapter of The Weather Chronicles.


One day, Phineas and Ferb were SUPER hot. "Wanna make another S'Winter?" asked Phineas. Ferb nodded no. "Okay, maybe we need to think of something else BESIDES S'Winter!" declared Phineas. "Ferb, I know what were gonna do today! Instead of S'Winter, we could make an ice arena to cool off!" Phineas and Ferb were pleased. "Hey! Where's Perry?" asked Phineas. Ferb shrugged. "Good morning Agent P." said Monogram, licking Rocky road ice cream. "What? Ice cream is a good way to cool off." said Monogram. "Besides, I hear an ice rink is opening up on Maple Drive. So... stop Doofenshmirtz!" The screen turned off. Okay... thought Perry. "Here ya go, kid. LOTS and LOTS of ice!" said a deliver man. "By the way, aren't you a little YOUNG to be building an ice rink?" "Yes, yes I am." said Phineas as he signed a piece of paper on a clipboard. "Hey Phineas. Whatcha Doin'?" asked Isabella. "Making an ice rink to cool us off." replied Phineas. "Here comes someone now." It was Monogram and Karl. "Ah...." sighed Monogram. "Cooling off..." Perry found out that Doofenshmirtz was at his annex. "Ah, Perry the Platypus." he cackled. "Your just in time.. just in time TO BE TRAPPED!" A trap landed on Perry. "Behold," muttered the doctor. "I haven't created anything yet." he said. "Can you HELP me?" Perry rolled his eyes and agreed. Doofenshmirtz set Perry free to help. "Thanks." said Doofenshmirtz. "Wow. Lots of people must want to cool of." said Phineas. "Yeah." said Isabella. Suddenly, a BIG sunshine melted the ice. "Ah, man!" everyone cried. "Hey everyone! My mom's got hot chocolate!" Isabella announced. Everyone cheered. ("S'Winter") "Alright...done!" said Doofenshmirtz. "What do you think?" Perry rolled his eyes again. "Wha... it's a loaf of bread! I was looking at A BREAD RECIPE?!?" Perry just left. "Oh there you are Perry." said Phineas. The End of The Weather Chronicles!

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