Ruffy the Platypus
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Born: 1995
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Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Lean Mean Brain Machine

Ruffy the Platypus used to be RHF until the following events in Part 2 of Chapter 1 of "Viruses Vs. Platypi":

RHF's Death

Perry received a new mission: The OWCA realized that RHF was a virus and that Perry had to get rid of him. Not realizing that it was Were-Platypus Season, RHF just did his normal building. Perry bit him, injecting him with platypoison. His last words as a Rufufian were as follows: "Platy...pus"

Ruffy's Theme Song

He's a semi-neurotic, egg-laying mammal of action!
He's a furry little flatfoot who's actually an alien!
He's got more than just mad skill;
He's got a beaver tail and a bill!
And whenever he's around, you can hear the bad guys say:
Great, now I have THIS song stuck in my head!
He's Ruffy!
Ruffy the Platypus!
He's Ruffy!
New Ag-ent P!

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