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RAWEFC was a community page created by HiBy that is now locked. It has created the 5-person edit limit. It had caused major edit conflicts, and fights. It stands for Random Article With Every Fan Character
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All the users at that time compiled a random chatroom where people role-played as a character, and everyone shared the canon characters. There, very random ideas popped up which eventually brought up the extensive Mary Sue issues. It started with someone who "time travels one of the character's kids in the future to the chatroom" and then people started making up kids, until one kid (Alice) showed up and IaLL (Isabella and Lego Liker)made her the master of absolutely ANYTHING. She had anything, she had all powers ever available on earth, she was the cutest... etc. People started rebelling against IaLL and he eventually left with only this small problem.


First, Bill describes that this is a series and the series is supposed to be random. After that, almost every single fanon and canon character was featured. After a while, you'll see fights happen. In the end, Kevin says that Bill is weird, and it says "Lights switches off. Everything is dark. Static" and then "the end"


There were 4 sequels, but they were all deleted, mainly because of Mary Sue issues. Now, all 5 RAWEFC stories are preserved as wiki history.

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