Lynny: Hi I'm Lynny and I've reliezed that there are lots of Q&A articles these days and they are mostly on Phineas and Ferb people and not made up people (except maybe a few) but here I actually ask the person the character interpertates like Lynny (me) is Lyndsay. So you don't have to ask questions I'm just doing something in my spare time. Here are some people you can ask questions to. Me Lynny..

Clara:*walks into room* Me Clara....(friend)

Cindy*walks into room*or me Cindy....(sister)

Lynny: yay, you guys made it! we're waiting for some questions.

Clara and Cindy: Cool....

Lynny: While we're waiting you guys want some snacks?

Clara: Sure

Cindy: Cool

Lynny: here are some apples, strawberries, and bananas.

Clara and Cindy: Yum....

Clara: Anything yet.

Lynny: *Checks computer and comes back*Nothing yet

Cindy: It's only been 15 minutes there should be some soon.

Lynny: Then again I did say that they didn't have to ask questions because there are so many now and said I'm just doing this for fun.

Clara and Cindy: Ohhhhhhh............

Lynny: Hey we have a question.

Clara: read it.

Lynny: It's from Emilylover224, it says do any of you girls have pets.Well I have a cat.

Cindy: I have a cat.

Clara: and I have a cat.

Lynny: We sure love cats....anyway thats all we have so far.

Clara: this is fun.

Lynny: Hey another Question....Its from Emilylover224 again.

Cindy what is it?

Lynny: Do you have any crushes?

Cindy: Yes on Phineas.

Lynny: Yes on Ferb. He is so cute!!!!

Clara: I don't think so I'll have to think for a while.

Lynny: K tell us when your sure.

Clara: hmmmmmm........ No, not really.

Cindy: Here is a qustion from the same person we need some questions from some other people. Anyways What are your guys fav flower I like the  patunia.

Clara: Tulip

Lynny: same with the tulip. 

Clara: Hey a question from a different person, Its from Purple Plum. It says did you girls have any friend momments like if one of us got hurt and the other 2 had to go get help?

Lynny: Yeah we did, One day Clara came over and we were going into the basement and she slipped, fell down the rest of the stairs and started crying then we went to go get my mom.

Cindy: Oh yeah, it wasn't funny.

Clara: Yeah, it was painful but I was okay. Great question purple plum!

Lynny: It's been a while maybe people don't care for us.

Cindy: I should spread the word about this?

Clara: That would be good.

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