Prancing Pony
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December 30

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The Fireside Girl Code

DoofPlanC - cropped How do you like me now, Perry the Gone-apus?

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Phineas and Ferb hold a pony ride in Baljeet's yard. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz makes a Poop-Inator 2, which shoots out a piece of poop 4 feet in diameter of pigeons'. Doofenshmirtz doesn't want to miss this time, and hears a pop! Suddenly, the doorbell is rung, Doofenshmirtz answers it, and to his suprise, there was Britsh Richard O'Breien, with poop on his head, which means that he slaps him with pigeon poo. Doofenshmirtz begins to sweat, and O'Brien grabs him and says in a slightly spooky voice: "Hey, why did you hit me in the face with pigeon poop, you jackweed". "Pleease, Mr. Brien!..." "It's O'Brien, stupid!" he said as he held his fist, and like before, beats him up. He leaves Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.. There he left Dr. Doof, all hurt, with his jaw swollen, and all his bones broken, and stuck in the way, while the poop came out, and fell on him.

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