After the school board of education acuses Patrica and Florence of taking money from the cafetria cashresiter to get their family even richer,They are found guilty at school honor court they are explled and forced to live at a boarding school for girls/top-secret cosmetics factory until they're 18.Then it gets worse when they discover that Mrs.Huge is running the school.So they must find away out and travel home to find out who really took the lunch money.,Meanwhile Button travels to school with them ,but must defuse a bomb that has been installed in Patrica and Florences' old school.


[more coming soon]


  • It's a Hard Knock Life (,but this time it's about life in a boarding school rather than an orphanage)thumb|300px|right|Hard knock life
  • Tomorrow
  • Give us a Mystery [orginally by Mary-Kate and Ashley]
  • School Stinks (What Else Could Go Wrong)
  • Roam (small portion)
  • Quit that Additude (small portion)
  • It's a hard knock life (Pop reprise)

End Credits


Running gags

Too young line

  • Patrica:and pretty soon like Phineas people are gonna say....
  • Man:Aren't you a little too young to be out here in the middel of the night?
  • Patrica:that.yes,yes we are

Florence's line

  • Patrica:WE DID IT!!!
  • [Patrica and Florence high-five]
  • Florence:Just like Mary-Jane and Natalie

Wathca' doin

Said by Mirinda

Florence's screaming

[when she and Patrica scream to the heavens when their panicing]

[nearly falling off a building]

Button's entrance to the liar

in the dresser in Patrica and Florence's room at the boarding school

Memorable quotes

[coming soon]

Background information

  • Phineas and Ferb are also Patrica and Florences' lawyers as well as band mangers
  • Adam makes a cameo in a breif flashback of Patrica and Florence taking his underwear while Give us a mysterty is playing on the radio
  • Mary Jane and Natalie look exactly like The Phinettes
  • [more comming soon]


  • The Rich girls boarding school is a female counterpart to Smile Away
  • 3rd time Mrs.Huge since her 1st appearnce in Austrillan Bongio and in a flashback in Lil' Patrica & Florence
  • As a running gag when it goes to the outerspace partof Patrica and Florence screaming to the heavens an alienship will come with a Phinettes song playing on the radio
  • [more coming soon]



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